Low Insulin Levels Symptoms

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Symptoms Of Reactive Hypoglycemia And Insulin Resistance

Being plagued by excessive fatigue is bad enough, but problems with blood sugar regulation can also lead to even scarier downstream issues including heart disease, stroke, cancer, dementia, and more. Feeling sleepy all the time and being chronically fatigued are classic reactive hypoglycemia and insulin resistance symptoms. The standard American diet, high in simple sugars and processed foods, is notorious for causing problems with blood sugar regulation. In the short term, eating a meal loaded with sugar and refined carbs (like white flour) can cause you to experience wild swings in blood sugar. These large blood sugar swings make you feel tired, anxious, irritable, and hungry for more quickly absorbed sugars. Feeling sleepy all the time and experiencing these other symptoms of blood sugar dysregulation after a high-carb meal is not normal, nor is it healthy. These are the classic signs of what is known as reactive hypoglycemia and they may be insulin resistance symptoms, which is more serious and could be an early warning sign of diabetes down the road according to the medical journal, Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Obesity.[1] So how are sugars and sweets linked Continue reading >>

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  1. YogaBare

    Hey everyone,
    My Mum just got a set of blood tests back. Her insulin is extremely low (never been like that before). Does anyone know what this indicates?
    Her D3 was also really low - I seem to remember reading somewhere that this could be related? She has had hashimoto's for 10 years, but her insulin has never been out of the ordinary before now.

  2. YogaBare

    This is what I'm understanding so far:
    Very little insulin is produced with Type 1.
    Type 2 produces insulin (sometimes lots, trying to keep blood sugar levels low), though ultimately your pancreas wears out (?)
    Hypoglycemia can be caused by too much insulin being produced, thus suppressing blood sugar too far, by "overshooting" what it's trying to control.
    My first thought with my Mum's insulin levels was diabetes... but I'm also reading that low insulin levels can be very healthy?
    We freaked for a moment that it might be cancer, but it's not a symptom of pancreatic cancer - phew.

  3. SleepyRoots

    What sort of test did she have?
    Insulin reacts to and regulates blood glucose.
    Type 1 Diabetes: low insulin -> toxic blood glucose levels.
    type 2 Diabetes: high insulin -> toxic blood glucose levels.
    Low insulin and low/normal blood glucose is ,well, normal. Especially on a low carb diet if your mum is following one as well.
    Did the doctors make any comments/explanations or is this just something you noticed on the test results?

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