Low Blood Sugar During Period

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What To Eat For Hypoglycemia: Pms & Pmdd Balance Diet

If you found this article after exploring elsewhere on our site, you may already have seen references to balancing blood sugar with diet in articles specifically about migraines, irritability, and controlling PMS food cravings. There's a very good reason for this—the PMS Balance Diet with an emphasis on balancing your blood sugar can balance your mood and energy level, decrease your stress level, and help control the cause of many migraines and headaches. We use several terms in this article that all basically mean the same thing: unstable blood sugar, hypoglycemia, and reactive hypoglycemia are often referred to elsewhere as "low blood sugar." Blood sugar problems are one of the most common causes of many PMS symptoms, including physical, emotional, and thinking symptoms. Hypoglycemia is also a very common problem in people without PMS, causing fatigue, depression, and many other symptoms. Important note: We are not referring to diabetes. In diabetes, blood sugar is too high, and only falls too low as a result of medication. People with reactive hypoglycemia experience both steep peaks and deep valleys of blood sugar, but without the diabetic disease condition. Who Needs Blood S Continue reading >>

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  1. Rob43

    I take both insulins by syringe and I almost used the same syringe for both. My syringes are the orange type and brand name is ReliOn. Is there a way that I can get diffient color for each syringe so I don't get these syringes mixed up and don't have to waste them by useing them only one time. Doctor told me I could use them more then one time.
    Thanks, Robert

  2. Bountyman

    I would suggest you switch to the Lantus Solostar pen and eliminate this problem. I don't, but others that use the Lantus Solostar pen, or other pens, reuse their pen needles. In this way any cross contamination is virtually impossible. The possibility also exists that even though you might try using different color syringes...that system can also be compromised. You retinas cannot see the difference in colors in low light.
    Oops, forgot to answer your question: If you mix Lantus and Novolog together...your body will swell up twice its size and explode. If you're going to do this I suggest you do it in the bathroom. Less forensic clean up.

  3. Rob43

    The doctor told me to never mix the insulins together but I forgot to ask why not? The cost for me with insurance is 699.00 for five pens out of pocket. This is why I use insulin vial instead of the flexpens.

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