Long Term Effects Of Insulin Therapy

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What Are The Side Effects Of Insulin Shots?

Insulin is at the center of the diabetes problem. In people with type 2 diabetes, the body does not use insulin effectively. The pancreas compensates by overproducing insulin, and in time, it simply cannot keep up with the demands of the body to keep glucose levels down. To provide enough insulin to the body to manage blood glucose levels, many diabetics are advised to take insulin shots. The insulin in these injections is a chemical that is produced artificially to resemble the insulin made in our pancreas. This insulin works just like natural insulin by escorting sugar from our blood into our cells. Type 2 diabetics deal with a condition known as insulin resistance. It is a phenomenon where cells aren’t sensitive to the action of insulin (escorting blood glucose into cells) and hence, do not respond to it. This leads to the accumulation of glucose in the blood and is called hyperglycemia. Supplemental insulin given to Type 2 diabetics helps the body ‘muscle’ sugar out of the bloodstream and into cells. Insulin injections are used to regulate blood sugar differently for the different diabetes-types: For people who have type 1 diabetes – Their bodies cannot make insulin and Continue reading >>

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  1. thcri

    Novolog Flex Pen and refrigerated

    When I was diagnosed back in March I was sent home with both Novolog and Lantus. I put both boxes of supplies in the drawer at home with my test kit etc etc. I never used the Novolog but when I got my first refill of Lantus I noticed it said to keep refrigerated. I questioned the Pharmacist and yes only the opened pen should be left out of the refrigerator and then is good only for thirty days. So the new prescription of Lantus I put in the refrigerator. Today I dug deep into my drawer and found my Novolog. It has been in my drawer at room temperature since March. I can't find anyplace on it that says to keep refrigerated. Does anyone here know if the stuff is good yet? I am sure it is too late to refrigerate but should I just toss it?

  2. Bountyman

    Should you toss it? Since you don't seem to be using it...IMO the question is moot.
    As too storage; this from Novolog's website:
    NovoLog® should be stored in the refrigerator—between 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F)—until first use. Do not freeze. NovoLog® FlexPen®, cartridges and vials that are in use may be kept at room temperature—below 30°C (86°F)—for up to 28 days. Do not store NovoLog® in areas of extreme moisture and where there may be extreme temperatures, such as in a freezer or car.

  3. thcri


    Originally Posted by Bountyman
    Should you toss it? Since you don't seem to be using it...IMO the question is moot. No I am not using it. Kind of wanted to keep some around in case I spike up for some reason. I will dispose of it based on the rest of your post.

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