Is Wine Good For Diabetes?

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Red Wine Boosts Heart Health In Type 2 Diabetes

Science has what can seem like a million different answers for this question. If you're a woman under 45, the answer might be no -- a daily drink could raise your risk of breast cancer. But if you’re a man in your 60s, the evidence is mixed. Some studies show it might be good for men’s hearts, while other, more recent studies suggest there’s no benefit from moderate drinking. Throw a chronic condition into the mix, like diabetes, and the answers are even more confusing. Alcohol can lower blood sugar, which might seem like a good thing -- unless you drink too much. In that case, drinking can cause an episode of dangerously low blood sugar. Beyond blood sugar, there’s been limited evidence that moderate drinking might improve heart health. If true, that’s important since people with diabetes are two to four times more likely to have heart disease. That’s why a new study is a standout. It found that having a daily glass of red wine modestly improved some measures of heart health. Researchers were precise when they designed the study, including only men and women between the ages of 40 and 75 with stable, type 2 diabetes -- they couldn’t need more than two insulin injecti Continue reading >>

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  1. Debe Pendice

    Insulin Dosages

    How many people have a set dosage of insulin the use daily? Or does anyone have a sliding scale the take their insulin with?

  2. OneDeepABN

    So here's my thing. I've been a type 1 juvenile diabetic since I was seven, which is 23 years, now. As of the past few years, I've been self dosaging with lantus and humalog. Been pretty simple; 20 units of lantus twice a day and a 10:1 carb ratio at meals with humalog. I recently ran out of lantus, though, and have no insurance or even a primary care giver because my fiance and I just moved to Texas. So I'm currently trying to figure out the proper dose of novalin n to take throughout the day. Lantus and humalog are my wonder mix. Along with my exercise, they keep me in the low to mid 100s.
    I've been in dka twelve times since diagnosis, including when I was on the pump. The mix with best for me, but I'm afraid I'll see number thirteen before I can get the proper dosing. I know there are people here with more experience than I have, and obviously doctors who will tell me I need to seek medical help… And I have. I just need some help to last me until I can get the right insurance and find a good Dr. I've also got a pacemaker, actually my seventh one since the age of right months old, that I need to worry about, so it's hard to keep my mind focused on finding the answer to one problem at a time, if you could imagine.
    Any advice for a fellow?

  3. MommaKEB1970

    WOW reading all of the replies here, it's confusing.. I was first diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic in 2009, now, I'm referred to as an insulin dependent, insulin resistant diabetic type 1. I am taking 65 units in the morning of Tresiba and 15 units of Novolog per meal. My numbers are still over 300, even my fasting. If I fast all day I can keep my numbers down where they want them to be but if I put one morsel of food in my mouth my BS levels climb and keep on climbing.. it's nothing for me to have BS numbers of 300 everyday all day even after my insulin and meals… what does that mean?

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