Is Type 2 Diabetes Capitalized

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Health Sciences Center Style Guide

Health Sciences Center Style Guide (excerpt) Have a style or grammar question but don't see the answer here? Let us know. Jump to: Abbreviations Use official U.S. postal codes in addresses. In text, spell out state names. Use the latest American Medical Association Manual of Style abbreviations for units of measure: e.g., mL for milliliter. Similarly, use AMA abbreviations for clinical and technical terms: e.g., ECG for electrocardiogram (not EKG). If well-known, especially by a certain audience, the expanded version of an abbreviation may be used at first reference without giving the abbreviation parenthetically. The abbreviation then may be used thereafter: intensive care unit/ICU, National Institutes of Health/NIH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/CDC. In fact, depending on context and audience, a few very familiar acronyms may be used without ever spelling out the expanded version: VA Medical Center, AMA. Abbreviate civil and military titles before a name if the entire name is used: Capitalization Lowercase words whenever possible to enhance readability and avoid pretense. Do not capitalize the words disease or syndrome in names such as Huntington’s disease, Parkins Continue reading >>

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