Is Type 1 Diabetes Capitalized

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Canadian Diabetes Association Messaging Guidelines February 2008

Branding the Association through messaging diabetes.ca Canadian Diabetes Association Messaging Guidelines February 2008 2 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Key Messages 4 Elevator Pitch 5 Plain Language, Tone 6 Medical Terminology 8 Acronyms 9 Statistics 10 Using Numbers 11 Font Styles 12 Capitalization 13 Punctuation, Spelling 14 Canadian Diabetes Association Messaging Guidelines February 2008 3 Introduction The brand of the Canadian Diabetes Association represents what we believe in, what we have accomplished, and what we want to achieve. We are experts at what we do. We are professional, authoritative, leaders. But we also have a human side, which is compassionate, supportive and approachable. Together these attributes build our brand. Our brand is the face we show to the world. It is built upon a foundation of heritage and achievement, and each day is reinforced in the public’s mind through the words and actions of our volunteers, employees and stakeholders. Our mission is to promote the health of Canadians though diabetes research, education, service and advocacy. Knowledge is the key to good diabetes prevention and management. It is in this spirit that we’ve take Continue reading >>

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  1. buggle

    Which is correct?
    type 1 diabetes
    Type 1 Diabetes

  2. manic4titans

    I am not an English teacher but I think Type 1 Diabetes. It is a proper name of a disease, wouldn't you think? I probably type it 5 different ways because I get in a hurry and don't really care as long as I convey my message. ha!

  3. Jordansmom

    Buggle, Jordan finds this thread funny because you're calling for the grammar police and didn't capitalize "calling".
    In the Pink Panther Book its lower case, "type 1 diabetes".

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