Insulin Vs Testosterone

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What's More Anabolic? Testosterone Or Insulin?

I'm not seeing how the question is "paradoxical", "silly", or "apples to oranges". The anabolic effect of both hormones could be compared side by side so it isn't apples-to-oranges, and no basic biology course is going to provide an answer because no experiment has ever been performed where they take a group of healthy males and boosted the testosterone of half of the group to 1 SD above the mean and boosted the insulin level of the other half to 1 SD above the mean and compared their response to strength training. So we don't know the answer, but we can speculate. Here's a scatter plot of the T-levels of 650 randomly selected Olympic athletes: Dotplot of Plasma Testosterone in Elite Athletes Notice that over 25% of male Olympic athletes have T-levels below normal and that 6% have T-levels down into the Female range. And yet they're competing in the Olympics. Insulin is more anti-catabolic rather than anabolic. One reason to spike insulin levels after a workout is to stop protein breakdown. growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation. Continue reading >>

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    Which hormone promotes more muscle growth? Is it test or slin?

  2. ammon

    As far as straight up anabolic...
    Insulin- it is anabolic to both fat and muscle cells. For muscle growth- test. Insulin action can be limited to a greater extent in the muscle than can test.

  3. anabolic24/7

    If you want to know which will give you more muscle...test will, hands down.

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