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How To Give Insulin Shots

Expert Reviewed Three Parts:Giving an Insulin Injection with a SyringeGiving an Insulin Injection with a PenUnderstanding the Need for InsulinCommunity Q&A Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas gland in order to shuttle glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream and into cells, which use it to produce energy. People with diabetes either can't produce any insulin at all (type 1) or their bodies can't produce enough (type 2),[1] so they need to inject synthetic forms of the hormone on a daily basis — as well as manage their diet and exercise. If you are a diabetic or have a child with diabetes and need insulin on a regular basis, you need to learn how to inject it properly. Make sure to consult with your doctor for a demonstration before you attempt to give an injection and ask her about proper dosage and your options for insulin delivery. Continue reading >>

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  1. estrange03

    I'm curious about this. With my first I didn't go back for my post glucose test until about 6 months after delivering ( I forgot to schedule). I never thought about breastfeeding at 6 weeks but it will bea concern this time.

  2. Krysdee02

    As far as the breastmilk it should be fine. Your body should processes the sugar just fine so it shouldn't effect the milk.

    As far as your numbers I have no clue lol my doc opted to do an A1C and I did that

  3. slang434

    Is it possible to pump for this one time? Just to be on the safe side. Otherwise I would ask your DR.

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