Insulin Resistance In Type 1

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How To Increase Insulin Sensitivity

Other than the fact that needing less insulin will save you tons of money, it also helps your overall health. The better your body is at using and processing insulin, the less you’ll need, and the more optimally your body will perform as a whole. Personally I saw the biggest improvements when I made the trifecta change: I went paleo, started eating low carb, and changed around my exercise routine. But all five of the tips below have helped increase insulin sensitivity and allowed me cut my insulin needs in half! Yes, half! 1. Go Paleo The biggest reason for me to go paleo, even before I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, was because of the the Celiac + T1D connection. Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease share similar genes (DQ2 and DQ8) and are both immune-regulated. Typically type 1 diabetes is diagnosed first, even if you developed Celiac before developing T1D. Reason being because T1D symptoms are more obvious than Celiac symptoms especially because only 30% of people with Celiac have symptoms and on top of that celiac disease tends to be asymptomatic in type 1 diabetics (which it was for me). Once I eliminated grain from my diet I figured I was already halfway to paleo so why Continue reading >>

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  1. TraceyFer

    Type 1 Diabetic w/ signs of insulin resistance

    I am a 30 year old type 1 diabetic who was diagnosed w/ diabetes at age 18. My sugars have always been a little erratic and higher. My last A1C came in at 9%. Anyway, ever since taking insulin I have gained 40lbs. I used to be 110 and am now literally STUCK at 150! I am a gym fanatic and exercise 4 times a week a minimum of 2 hours. I lift weights, spin, run (3 miles) you name it. However, I've noticed that if i go in the gym with my levels a little higher (i.e. 200) my levels tend to increase after an intense work out (400 and up). My dotor explained that this may be attributed to the flight or fright adrenaline rush. I am on humalog and lantus, however, lately I have noticed severe insulin resistance (and this was before I started taking zyrtec D last week for my allergies and the anitbiotics for the upper respiratory infection i developed). I've been doubling up on my insulin lately and my fasting sugars have been 300 and up. I am frustrated at not only the uncontrollable glucose levels but the inability to lose weight although I work out. I have even tried phase 1 of the SB diet again but to no avail. My doctor even prescribed phentermine and I lost only 2 lbs. I have stopped taking it since due to the crazy side effects. I need help!

  2. Stump86

    Have you tried changing your diet? Limiting calories and carbs? Your body can't maintain it's weight if you don't feed it enough calories to. Cutting back on what you eat and reducing insulin doses should help you lose weight. It's also important not to exercise high, you should find your BG levels decreasing from exercising, if they don't then you are missing enough insulin to balance out your hormones, and are actually exercising with an energy deficit, which is very stressful to your body. Ideally you should be able to exercise within normal ranges, and you should find you have much more energy while exercising this way too. I wrote a mini article about it here.

  3. TraceyFer

    Thank you so much. Your response and this article were very resourceful. I will definitely cut back on the carbs and the calories. For the most part I am pretty good with that. I'm very disciplined with what apart from the occasional sweets (or two). However, I still have a few questions for you. 1. If I reduce my insulin doses how will i have sufficient insulin for working out? 2. I really love working out and would still like to maintain my level of intensity. In reading your article and some of the responses is there a specific "format" for my workout (i.e. weights first, cardio after?) 3. Do you think my levels have anything to do with the zyrtec and antibiotics I was taking? 4. Is there a way to maintain normal levels without using a pump? I take 25 units of lantus in the mornings and am on the 1:10 ratio for Lantus (i.e. I take Lantus only when I eat and the ratio is 1 unit of insulin for every 10g of carbohydrates consumed. Also, I am on a sliding scale which means that 1 unit of insulin will decrease my levels my about 50 points, however, lately that doesn't seem to be working as well. I stopped taking the Zyrtec D today to see if my levels will change and go back to a state of "normalcy."

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