Insulin Pump Pros And Cons

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My Pros And Cons Of The T:slim

I’ve been reading and studying my reports and it seems that I only needed to adjust insulin-to-carb ratios for my day-to-day issues. And, while I’m thankful that Tandem has the ability to show me things I need in their reports like Insulin-On-Board action and all, the system is really messed up for me right now. I’ve asked that my pump be replaced to see if that’s the issue (which I strongly feel that it is), but they won’t yet, so I hooked back up to my Ping. I know having a pump is a big deal, but for me I’ve grown to know how to read and interpret my reports to make my therapy decisions, and so I rely heavily on their accuracy of data recording. As much as I want to really like and even love the t:slim, I just can’t right now. They have a lot of things to work on and improve first. That doesn’t mean I want to abandon it – because I don’t – but I’m tired of running up against something else every week or so that I don’t like. So, for pros and cons sake ( I guess this was a long time coming), here’s my list view for the t:slim (remember, I’m not comparing it to any other pump – I’m looking at it for what it’s features are): Pros: Touch screen Continue reading >>

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  1. Dickerson888

    Flexpens jamming

    I use the Novolog Flex pens and I am having trouble with the plunger getting difficult to push or stopping and jamming completely.
    I have had two stop completely and about half get difficult to push.
    I emailed the company and I got a form letter requesting I take them back to the pharmacy.
    Is anyone else having this issue?

  2. davedsel

    I used Flexpens for Victoza for several months and never had this problem.
    I think taking the pens back to the pharmacy would be your best course of action.

  3. auriga1

    Dickerson, I use two insulins, both the pens. I've not had any problems with them now for the past seven years.
    I would definitely take them back to the pharmacy. I hope you saved the ones that have jammed. Just explain exactly what is going on. You need your insulin at the correct dosage.
    At diagnosis, no one taught me how to use the meter. Upon discharge from the hospital, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my new meter. Not a clue how to use it. Read the instructions, blah, blah, blah. I think I was just overwhelmed that I had to test eight times a day and use two different insulins. Just hit me like a brick wall. No one I knew had diabetes and had to test constantly. I think the pharmacist saw my face before I even asked. He was kind enough to sit with me in the store and explain and do a little show-and-tell. I really don't know how many would do that, but I would think more of them are willing to help no matter what is going on.
    Take the pens in and see if they will help. It never hurts to ask.

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