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Beauty Queen Wears Insulin Pump During Swimsuit Parade

Sierra Sandison has become a new heroine to those suffering from Type 1 diabetes. She won the Miss Idaho contest proudly wearing an insulin pump, hitching it to her bikini during the swimsuit parade. Now aged 20, she was diagnosed with the condition in February 2012. In her own words, Sierra’s world was flipped upside down. Related Articles Urine test could predict risk of pre-term birth in first trimester, study finds 11 Jul 2014 New sugar limits can be breached by a bar of chocolate 26 Jun 2014 How to make low-sugar summer cordials 21 Jun 2014 The king of beauty queens 03 Feb 2015 But when a friend suggested she compete in a local beauty pageant, Sierra decided to make diabetes her cause. Her first foray into beauty pageants was unsuccessful, but second time round she won the title of Miss Magic Valley. Up to this point Sierra was using injections to give her the insulin she needed. “I didn’t want people to see a weird-tubey-machine-thing attached to me all the time, and could not wrap my head around having a medical device on my body for the rest of my life.” She changed her mind when discovering that Nicole Johnson, Miss America in 1999, was a diabetic who wore – albe Continue reading >>

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  1. tralea

    Omnipod pictures

    I was looking on a board and someone posted this link that shows pictures of the Omnipod. After looking at the pictures, all I thought was . That thing is bigger than I thought!

  2. Steve F

    Yeah, I dont think I would like that thing either. Limited to the stomach area, I would assume. And then would look like you had some tumor. If they could put it on a diet and get it thinner, then might be pretty cool. Heck they can make everything else electronic thinner and smaller, so will probably do the same for it down the road.

  3. Jill

    I know people say it's not that big, but if you even have on a normal fitting shirt, I think it would totally stick out. I can only put my pump in my bra b/c it goes between my bosoms!!! I don't think I could insert an omnipod there...
    It also kinda bothers me that you can't disconnect it without wasting all the insulin inside.

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