Insulin Injections Side Effects

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Your medication Insulin Detemir Levemir is most commonly used for diabetes. No matter what your doctor has you taking it for Levemir is usually injected just below the skin either before or after a meal after testing your blood sugar or at night before you go to sleep. It is important to never reuse or share needles. Do not inject Levemir if the solution is cloudy or discolored. Some common side effects with Levemir include headache, low blood sugar, feeling tired of confused, muscle weakness, feeling hungry, pain or redness at injection site, and blurred vision. Do not take Levemir if you are shaky, confused, increased heart rate, or sweating because these could be signs of low blood sugar. While taking Levemir, remember it is important to tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have: If you are taking any other diabetes medications Severe muscle cramps or weakening If you are pregnant

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Insulin Detemir (levemir, Levemir Flexpen)?

A A A Medications and Drugs Brand Names: Levemir, Levemir FlexPen Generic Name: insulin detemir (Pronunciation: IN su lin DE te mir) What is the most important information I should know about insulin detemir (Levemir, Levemir FlexPen)? What should I discuss with my healthcare provider before using insulin detemir (Levemir, Levemir FlexPen)? What is insulin detemir (Levemir, Levemir FlexPen)? Insulin detemir is a man-made form of insulin, a hormone that is produced in the body. It works by lowering levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Insulin detemir is a long-acting form of insulin that is slightly different from other forms of insulin that are not man-made. Insulin detemir is used to treat type 2 diabetes in adults. Insulin detemir is also used to treat type 1 diabetes in adults and children who are at least 2 years old. Insulin detemir may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of insulin allergy: itching skin rash over the entire body, wheezing, trouble breathing, fast heart rate, sweating, or feeling like you might pass out. Call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as: it Continue reading >>

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  1. getswole

    Insulin Script required/Syringe Script required
    Alabama No No
    Alaska Yes Yes
    There are some reports that indicate prescriptions are not needed for either insulin or syringes.
    Arizona No No (some pharmacies may require)
    Arkansas No No
    California No No (some pharmacies may require)
    Colorado No No (some pharmacies may require)
    Connecticut No Yes
    Can get 10 days worth without a prescription
    Delaware No Yes
    District of Columbia No No (with DM ID or insulin purchase)
    Florida No Depends on the county, mostly No, but:
    Yes Broward County
    Georgia No No
    Hawaii No No Data
    Idaho No No
    May ask for ID
    Illinois No No
    Indiana No No (must sign a logbook)
    Iowa No No
    Kansas No No (most pharmacies, if purchased with insulin)
    Kentucky No No
    Louisiana No No
    Maine No Yes
    Maryland No No (must sign a logbook)
    Massachusetts No Yes
    Michigan No No
    Minnesota No
    Some pharmacies may require a one-time only prescription for insulin which has unlimited refills. No
    Mississippi No No
    Missouri No No
    Montana No No
    Nebraska No No
    Nevada No No
    New Hampshire No No
    New Jersey No Yes (might be waived with ID)
    New Mexico No No
    New York No No
    The pharmacy can choose whether or not to require a prescription for syringes. If the pharmacy does sell syringes without a prescription, it can only dispense 10 syringes at a time, and it cannot give them to anyone under 18 years old.
    North Carolina No No
    North Dakota No No
    Ohio No No
    Oklahoma No No
    Some local municpalities require a prescription
    Oregon No No
    Pennsylvania No Yes
    Rhode Island No No
    South Carolina No No
    South Dakota No No
    Tennessee No No
    Texas No No (may vary by region)
    Utah No No
    Some pharmacies may ask for a prescription, and some will Not sell syringes after 10:00 p.m., even if you have a prescription.
    Vermont No No
    Virginia No
    Report of Yes in Northern Virginia No
    Washington (state) No No
    West Virginia No No
    Wisconsin No No
    Wyoming No No
    Australia Yes No
    Prescription Not needed for syringes with a National Diabetic Supplies Card.
    Austria Yes No
    Belgium Yes Yes
    Bulgaria No No
    Canada No No (may vary by province)
    Costa Rica No No
    France No [U100] No
    Germany Yes No
    Ireland Yes Yes
    Italy No [U40, U100 pens available] No
    Mexico No No
    Philippines No No
    Puerto Rico No No
    New Zealand No [U100]
    Novo & Lilly available, Novo more widely used. One respondent indicates prescription needed for insulin, but not for syringes. No (may require proof of diabetes)
    Slovenia Yes No
    Switzerland No [U100] No
    Turkey No No
    UK Yes [U100] No
    May require proof of diabetes

  2. getswole

    Just to update,many of the states only allow for OTC HumulinR Insulin,the Humalog will still requires a script.upside,even with humulin you can pick up some slin pins at your local pharm,where as if you just ask for slin pins alot of them won't sell them to you,but if you grab a few vials of humulinr they will,just a headsup,also be careful with humulinr as it has a longer active halflife than humalog,which clears the system faster,use humulin with a complete understanding before hand.Do your research.

  3. getswole

    Originally Posted by Gixxer82
    Massachusetts is supposed to sell syringes OTC, but nobody will. If you really want to find em' local Gixxer,hit your local farm supply,they're everywhere(co-op),they sell em' for animal use....Sterile=Sterile,I've used "vet grade" stuff plenty,but a while back I bought out a Med Supply Liquidation lot...I could fill a box the size of a refridgerator with pinz/plungerz
    Anybody need a couple cathedar sets?Or some epideral/spinal tap pinz?Iv set?

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Gaby takes her glucose drink in a style that reminds her of before she was pregnant! Shots shots shots!

What Are The Side Effects Of Insulin Shots?

Insulin is at the center of the diabetes problem. In people with type 2 diabetes, the body does not use insulin effectively. The pancreas compensates by overproducing insulin, and in time, it simply cannot keep up with the demands of the body to keep glucose levels down. To provide enough insulin to the body to manage blood glucose levels, many diabetics are advised to take insulin shots. The insulin in these injections is a chemical that is produced artificially to resemble the insulin made in our pancreas. This insulin works just like natural insulin by escorting sugar from our blood into our cells. Type 2 diabetics deal with a condition known as insulin resistance. It is a phenomenon where cells aren’t sensitive to the action of insulin (escorting blood glucose into cells) and hence, do not respond to it. This leads to the accumulation of glucose in the blood and is called hyperglycemia. Supplemental insulin given to Type 2 diabetics helps the body ‘muscle’ sugar out of the bloodstream and into cells. Insulin injections are used to regulate blood sugar differently for the different diabetes-types: For people who have type 1 diabetes – Their bodies cannot make insulin and Continue reading >>

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  1. Freakazoid1130

    this might be a dumb question. If I have a 5000 IU bottle of HCG, and my insulin syringes go 10 20 30 40 and so on, how do I measure out 500 IU? Is it .5 as in half way from the 0 line to the 10 line?

  2. palmers

    how much bac water did u put into it?

  3. Freakazoid1130

    5 ml

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Insulin: Potential Negative Consequences Of Early Routine Use In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

The lack of adequate insulin secretion characterizes all hyperglycemic states. When insulin action is normal, as in type 1 diabetes, there is a near total loss of insulin secretory function. In type 2 diabetes, the abnormalities in insulin secretion are multiple. One of the initial defects is a loss of the early phase of meal-stimulated insulin secretion. This is followed by an inability of the β-cell to increase insulin secretion sufficient to overcome hepatic and peripheral insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes is characterized by a progressive decrease in both β-cell mass and secretory function so that, in most individuals, absolute insulin deficiency occurs in the late stages of the disease. It would seem logical that the ideal treatment for type 2 diabetes should be early and continuing insulin therapy. Unfortunately, there are several characteristics of insulin treatment and insulin action in type 2 diabetes that limit the usefulness of insulin treatment and that suggest that chronic insulin therapy is best used in the later stages of diabetes when there is an absolute deficiency of insulin. In normal physiology, β-cell insulin secretion is coupled immediately with changes i Continue reading >>

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  1. SCBoyd

    When glucose level is low , should I take my insulin?

    I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 11 years age, and have been taking insulin injections for the last 6 years. I recently fell out after taking an injection when my glucose klevel was all ready low. I don't recall anyone ever warning me not to. Has anyone ever gotten advise on this subject?

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