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I wrote a program to help me calculate correction insulin dosages with meals.

Insulin Correction Dose Calculator -beta

perinatology.com Please enable JavaScript to view all features on this site. Insulin Correction Dose Calculator Select the type of insulin, enter the total daily dose of insulin used, the carbohydrate content of the meal, and press 'calculate' button to estimate the amount of insulin needed to cover the carbohydrate content of the meal. All calculations must be confirmed before use. The suggested results are not a substitute for clinical judgment. Neither Perinatology.com nor any other party involved in the preparation or publication of this site shall be liable for any special, consequential, or exemplary Insulin Type Rapid acting Insulin (Humalog, Novolog) Short acting (Regular) Total Daily Dose of Insulin (TDD) units Carbohydrate Content of meal : grams Current Blood Glucose mg/dL Target Pre-Meal Blood Glucose mg/dL Carbohydrate Ratio = One unit of insulin covers grams of carbohydrate Insulin Sensitivity Factor (ISF) = One unit insulin decreases blood glucose by mg/dL Insulin required to cover carbohydrate in meal units Correction to Dose Of Insulin units Dose Of Insulin for meal units Meal related insulin boluses are calculated according to the carbohydrate content of the meal Continue reading >>

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  1. Comment

    Blood Sugar Levels | getbloodsugarcontrol.com www.GetBloodSugarControl.com Find Resources About How To Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels.

  2. Joan

    I am writing to tell you what an incredible impact these methods had on my life! I have had type 2 diabetes for 27 years. For me, the worst part of this horrible disease is the severe pain I constantly get in my feet. The pain is so bad that I avoid standing and walking as much as possible. I've got to tell you that within the first month, my feet stopped hurting altogether and I can now walk totally pain free.
    Believe it or not, I even danced at my niece's wedding last month, something I have not done in a many years. I've been following the book for six months now and my blood sugar is well within normal range. I feel great!
    I recommend you use the Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer to naturally reverse your diabetes.

  3. John W

    A fasting test over 125 mg/dl is defined as diabetic. Anything over 180 mg/dl would have to be removed by your kidneys which may be a problem with your kidney problems. You certainly should see a Doctor as levels that high are probably putting a load on your kidneys which you already know are in trouble. A reading of 55 - 70 mg/dl is low enough to count as hypo-glycemia which can be more dangerous in the short term then high levels. You need to tell your Doctor of both the highs and lows.

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Easy explanation of how to calculate your insulin doses, or boluses. Explains why we bolus and how to calculate the amount of insulin to take in each situation. This video is part of a blog post at: http://www.diydiabetic.com/blood-suga... For more blogs and videos for practical ways to deal with Type 1 diabetes, go to http://www.diydiabetic.com

New Apps Calculate Your Insulin Doses

Trying to calculate your insulin doses for injections, without the help of an insulin pump "wizard"? There's an app for that! (of course) First came basic insulin dose calculators like RapidCalc. But providing more personalized recommendations in a so-called "insulin titration app" was something of a challenge, because these provide real medical treatment decision support and therefore require FDA approval -- as opposed to so many diabetes logging apps that do not. The first regulatory breakthrough for a "mobile prescription therapy aid" that analyzes users' past data trends to deliver personalized recommendations came with WellDoc's BlueStar app in 2013. That was followed in 2015 by the Accu-Chek Connect app, that also calculates and recommends insulin amounts. WellDoc just recently snagged an expanded label for its BlueStar app that allows patients to use it without a doctor's prescription -- adding to the accessibility of this mobile tech tool. The FDA's decision last year to allow a dosing claim for the Dexcom G5 CGM system seems to have helped pave the way for even more smartphone-based decision therapy tools. And now, two new apps have snagged FDA clearance and are almost rea Continue reading >>

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  1. Bocephusmom

    My dog, Bo, was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with diabetes and pancreatitis. After two weeks on a Hills W/D food diet and antibiotics, the pancreas, kidneys, and liver are all back to normal, but his glucose is still 357. I'm just so overwhelmed with everything right now. Yesterday, my vet put my Bo, 7yrs old, on Humulin N.....7 units, twice a day. My problem is, my dog has always been able to just eat his food "whenever" but now I'm told he has to eat two times a day. He's not a big eater in the morning, so I just have to practically beg him to eat so I can give him his shot. The vet said every 12 hrs??? And preferably after he eats??? What times do other people give their dogs insulin? Is it every 12 hrs too, or just after a morning meal, then evening meal? This whole thing is just scaring me to death but I'm trying to do everything I can to give him the life he deserves. Are you sure this is going to get easier?

  2. sissysmommy

    OK - big deep breath! Welcome to you and Bo. Yes, we have all been there. I will try to answer your questions and maybe provide a little more information that will help.
    What breed of dog is Bo?
    How much does he weigh?
    What do you feed him?
    What do you give for treats?
    Seven units of insulin may or may not be enough for Bo. There is a real interaction between the size of the dog, the food and the amount of insulin. Did your vet ask you to bring him back for a blood glucose curve? You might want to mention this. Yes, you need to give the insulin every 12 hours - give or take an hour either way. And yes, you need to give the shot after the dog eats. If you give it before and he doesn't eat, he could have a hypoglycemic (hypo) which is dangerous. He will need to eat only every 12 hours. No more grazing. You will never get his blood sugar regulated if you allow him to graze. In between, you can give him treats of boneless skinless chicken breast bits, most vegetables except carrots and many dogs love frozen green beans. This will become a lifestyle change for you, but you will catch on quickly. It can be any 12 hours that are convenient for you - just 12 hours apart. Are you having any trouble with the shots? I mentioned the hypo - this is when your dog's blood glucose (bg) goes too low. You will notice several signs - lethargy, shaking, lip smacking, inability to stand, etc. It is really important that you keep syrup or white cake frosting available. If you notice any of these signs, immediately rub some of the sweet stuff on his gums. I found it difficult to get into Sissy's mouth, so I would put frosting on a kitchen knife and put it in her mouth. She would bite down on it and I would pull it out, leaving the frosting inside. Once the dog recovers, follow this with a protein snack - some bread and peanut butter for example.

  3. IamMomtoMissy

    Hello and Welcome to you and Bo!
    First I want to say I was much the same situation as you with my little Missy. She was a 'free-feeder' prior to the diabetes, and actually rarely ate much in th AM. This new routine was quite a switch for us both! I did the 8 o'colck AM/PM time frame but you can do what 12 hour time works best for you. To get Missy to eat in the AM I added a bit of tuna water ( not the oil packed)mixed into her WD and that worked well ( so can low-sodium chicken broth).
    Also, since daily food allotment was divided into the 2 x meals.. it didn't take her long to get a bit hungrier in the AM.. and as blood glucose got better with the insulin.. she 'got with the program' and ate well at both meals. We had several appts with vet in the beginning , including curves, but it was all worth it as she got to regulation ( with a few uppings of insulin along the way). Missy was also on the Humulin as well and ended up at 3 units 2 x day. ( She was a 10 pound Maltese)
    Looking forward to getting to know you and Bo better!

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Dosage Calculation: Tablet Dosage Calculation

Calculation Of The Initial Insulin Dosage

The dose of Caninsulin and the interval between injections has to be tailored to suit each individual diabetic dog. Hypoglycemia Hypoglycemia is a major concern. To help avoid hypoglycemia: The dog's body weight should be rounded down to the nearest whole kilogram The calculated dose of insulin rounded down to the nearest whole or half unit This helps to avoid overdosing particularly during initial stabilization. Starting insulin dose for dogs In diabetic dogs the dose of Caninsulin can be given once daily or twice daily. After calculation of the starting insulin dose, subsequent adjustments to establish the maintenance dose may be required. For more information see product leaflet or dose adjustment. Once daily administration The once daily Caninsulin starting dose of 0.5 IU/kg (label may vary - for guidance see the product leaflet) was established and confirmed in dogs, based primarily on clinical response. Remember to round the dog’s bodyweight down to the nearest whole kilogram and the calculated dose down to the nearest whole or half unit. Twice daily administration Many specialists recommend that intermediate acting insulins be administered twice daily to dogs. Starting dos Continue reading >>

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  1. Johnny Smiles

    1.How much insulin do you usually use in a day when you are "on" slin?
    2. what kind of slin do you like best and why?
    3.what is the point of dimminishing returns with slin?
    4. what is the protocol that worked best for you?
    feel free to answer the above questions only if you want to but hope you vote in the poll

  2. 1Rhino1


    Originally Posted by Johnny Smiles
    1.How much insulin do you usually use in a day when you are "on" slin?
    2. what kind of slin do you like best and why?
    3.what is the point of dimminishing returns with slin?
    4. what is the protocol that worked best for you?
    feel free to answer the above questions only if you want to but hope you vote in the poll
    -JS I'm just a boy in the insulin world, but I stuck to the 1iu per 15-20lbs of body weight. I did 14iu to make 280lbs, I could have gone to 16 or 18 but I wanted to stay in the safe zone.
    I use humilin r because of how readily available it is to me, and I prefer its timing over the faster acting stuff. I have my shake right after my shot, I have a meal 1.5 hours later, and I eat again after the insulin is supposed to gone, at around 2.5 hours after the second meal.
    Point of diminishing? insulin sensitivity? I combat this by cycling my igf in and out.
    I wouldnt mind trying another protocol at some point, but I wasnt willing to put 110% into my diet, so I didn't it.

  3. Gunsmith

    I voted 5-10 , I think that i'll start with 5 when I start my cycle then possibly creep up with it.
    Planning to use Humilin-R , 5iu injected preworkout IM.
    drink a 20g bcaa with 5g Dextrose water during the 40min training.
    protein shake imidiatly post workout 40g protein 10gr Dextrose.
    Meal 45-60 min post workout , lean beef or chicken 40-50gr protein , 20-30g carbs from sweet potatos.
    2-3hrs post dinner , 50g casine mixed with 20gcarbs from dry oats.
    this will be on my training days , non training days will be lower carbs all comming in the earlier part of the day with 250mg Glucophage with each carb meal (30-40g per meal)
    I plan to keep a close log of BG levels during this process and may do some experimenting with the glucophage on off days to see exactly what it does from BG levels

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