Insulin Dangers

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4 Insulin Side Effects You May Not Have Known About

3 0 The earliest injections given to people with diabetes were comprised of insulin derived from pigs. Nothing against pigs – we like bacon as much as the next person – but it was a relief when other forms of synthetic insulin were developed in the 1970s, enabling us to live longer, healthier lives with fewer contributions from our porcine friends. But as terrific as the stuff is for controlling diabetes, it’s not without side effects. Whether you’ve been taking insulin for a short time – or for a couple of decades like I have – you may sometimes wonder if that rumbling in your stomach is something you ate, or if it’s just your insulin talking. Here, from people in the know, are four little-known insulin side effects that you may not know about, even if you’ve been using insulin for years. An Inability to Tolerate Unreasonable People. Since insulin allows glucose to get where it needs to be (in our cells), it affects our blood-sugar levels rapidly. In the process, it may cause us to feel irritable, anxious and jittery, and totally unwilling to deal with the guy who cut in line at the coffee shop. Don’t worry; these unpleasant sensations should quickly resolve, and Continue reading >>

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  1. Macca59

    Is Insulin Dangerous?

    I have just read an article about Insulin. It listed listed a heap of things that are wrong with insulin - weight gain, thrombosis, etc. I have beein using it for 12 months - 33 units of Lantus each morning. I think it is great and has enabled me to gain control of my Diabetes. Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Nan OH

    Considering that insulin keeps me alive......not too worried about reports and studies. I am using Lantus twice a day and HumulinR (U500) 4-5 times a day.

  3. mizmac

    Any medicine will list every possible side effect no matter how remote to cover their b**ts.

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