Indian Insulin Market Size

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Idc Designs Insulin Pens For Indian Market

Award winning product designer, Industrial Design Consultancy Ltd (IDC), has just completed a project to develop both disposable and reusable insulin pens for Indian consumers. The resulting products are expected to dramatically advance diabetes treatment in India, by offering a portable, discreet, quick and easy insulin dosage system for users on the move. Indian company, Wockhardt, was keen to introduce affordable disposable and reusable insulin pens to Indian healthcare but the patent restrictions on existing designs were such that they were unable to cost-effectively go into production. In order to overcome this, Wockhardt contracted IDC to design a completely new insulin pen, which would give class-leading functionality and avoid all the existing patents. Virtually all elements of the conventional insulin pens were patented, so IDC was challenged to find successful design alternatives, which also resulted in an improved product. It was important that the insulin pens were designed to be compact and discreet, with an easy dosing facility for people with vision or dexterity problems. IDC’s in-house engineers worked closely with its product designers to ensure that use-ability Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. CrazyC'sMom

    Does anyone know how long Humalog and Lantus can be unrefridgerated before they are opened or do they have to stay refridgerated the whole time? Thanks.

  2. Jake'sMama

    I'm new to this but we were told
    our team told us NOT to refrigerate the in use insulin - it stings less when injecting. Just dispose of it after 28 days.
    The new vials should go in the fridge.

  3. BozziesMom

    They are supposed to stay cold before you open them. I keep them cold after opening as well.

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Type 1 diabetic giving you the low down on afrezza inhaled insulin

Welcome Afrezza – Inhaled Insulin Gets Real!

Take a deep breath, Friends: the world’s first (seemingly) commercially viable inhalable insulin product is here. Today, Sanofi has officially launched MannKind’s long-awaited Afrezza, and we hear the product is already appearing in some pharmacies nationwide. Housed in a tiny, handy inhaler device, Afrezza is said to bring not only convenience, but also some new medical benefits to the world of rapid-acting insulin. “I don’t know if it’s gonna be a blockbuster, but I do think it’s gonna have a niche,” says Dr. Steve Edelman of UC San Diego and TCOYD (a type 1 himself), who was one of the lead investigators on Afrezza clinical trials. “I can say it has been shown in clinical trials to reduce hypoglycemia, but FDA won’t let (Sanofi) put that in the labeling. I was at the FDA public hearing in Washington, DC, and they spent all the time trying to refute the data instead of trying to understand it… It’s just a total shame FDA didn’t allow them to put that benefit in the label.” “Afrezza really does work extremely well. I can see myself taking it for incidental hypers where subcutaneous insulin is way too slow and stays around in your system way too long,” Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Turkey_535i

    Anyone know if these chains carry a 25g 3cc 1 1/2" syringe? Need some asap until online order gets here next week. Anyone gotten this needle type from them or know if they carry?

  2. SolomonGrundy

    yes they do but its at the pharmacist discretion to sell to you, unless you have a prescription, hell even then dont ask for extra needles

  3. halfwit

    CVS is your best bet in my experience. It depends on your state's laws, but most have a law in place that allows them to sell you up to 12 syringes at a time. Walmart used to be my go-to when I had an emergency, but they stopped stocking them due to "image" reasons I was told. CVS has been my place now, but as bhrees stated, it's all up to the pharmacist and how their moral compass is pointing that day.

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Health Benefits of Lupin Seeds | What Is Lupin Seeds good for? Lupin Seeds are indeed one of the known snack variety in the Mediterranean region and also consumed in many other parts of the planet. Additionally these seeds really do originate from a blooming plant of the lupinus variety. The seeds are normally yellowish in appearance and are frequently devoured crude. At times lupin seeds are additionally utilized as fixing in few of the famous cooking and these seeds are all around really popular to add a touch of taste to the dish. Lupin seeds are very rich in supplements and furthermore advances the strength of a person. In such manner, this article strikingly includes a portion of the better medical advantages of lupin seeds in general. 1. Hostile to Oxidant Properties. 2. Helps A Weight Loss And Reduces Cholesterol. 3. Improve Bowel Health. 4. Keeps up The Blood Pressure. 5. Some High Quantities Of Protein. Thanks for watching. Read my blog: http://allnaturalcure.blogspot.com/ Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Natural-Home... Twitter: https://twitter.com/plinda111 Google + https://plus.google.com/1137890868886... Images licensed under CC: commons.wikimedia.org www.pixabay.com en.wikipedia.org www.publicdomainpictures.net www.flickr.com www.pexels.com

Lupin Launches Insulin Glargine In India

Indian pharma company, Lupin Limited announced a strategic distribution agreement with LG Life Sciences of South Korea to launch Insulin Glargine, a novel insulin analogue under the brand name Basugine™. According to the agreement, Lupin would be responsible for marketing and sales of Basugine™ in India. The overall diabetes market size within the Indian pharmaceutical market stood at Rs. 6032 Crore growing at 18% (IMS MAT April 2014). The total insulin analogue market size is valued at Rs. 585 Crore with 3 year CAGR of 24%. The total glargine molecule market is Rs. 218.5 Crore with 3 year CAGR of 23%. Lupin ranks 2nd in the conventional insulin market and grew more than the market at 10.82% in April 2014 (IMSD MAT), while the market grew at 8%. Lupin is amongst the fastest growing players in the Oral Anti-Diabetes Drugs market and also in the insulin segment. Insulin Glargine is indicated for once – daily subcutaneous administration for the treatment of adult patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus or in type 2 diabetes mellitus; patients who need basal insulin (long acting) for controlling hyperglycemia. The primary activity of insulin, including Insulin Glargine, is the reg Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. itguy08

    How do you guys do your intramuscular (IM) insulin shots for high blood sugar?

    Dr. Bernstein says its fine and do it in the deltoid muscle with a 12.7mm needle.
    I have 12mm needles and kinda fat so would it be fine to do it instead in my thigh muscle? I can see the outline and am pretty sure the needle can reach it.
    Dr. Bernstein never specifies but I assume if you normally give 5 units correction sub-c then you also do 5 units into muscle. Muscle is just faster right? I wont need to reduce the insulin for reasons like increased sensitivity or effectiveness due to muscle right?

  2. Mike T1

    I don't care what Dr.B says IM shots are a very bad idea.
    The very fact that you are asking so may questions about them should raise a red flag for you.
    I 30 years of T-1 I have never used IM shots to control BG.
    IMO you are trying to correct many years of poor bg management in a couple of days.
    Again IMO this will not end well for you.
    You should call the endo you just saw 2 days ago and ask him what he thinks about IM shots.
    Slow down . Work with your endo on getting basal rates, carb ratios and correction factors right and there will be no need to resort to methods of cotrol that will bounce your bg like a basket ball.
    Best Regards, Mike

  3. coravh

    I'm another one with a basket load of T1 experience (42 years) and never used an IM injection either. I don't see why you would want to, in part because the rapid changes in your bg are part of why drops feel so awful as well as can cause damage. Did you know that suddenly going from bad to very good control can trigger retinopathy? Slow and steady wins the race.

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