I Left My Insulin Out Overnight

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Ask D'mine: Insulin On The Rocks

Got questions about navigating life with diabetes? Ask D'Mine! Our weekly advice column, that is — hosted by veteran type 1, diabetes author and educator Wil Dubois. This week, Wil experiments with his home freezer after getting a question about how cold insulin can get before it proves unusable. Read on: you might just get chills hearing what he discovered! {Got your own questions? Email us at [email protected]} Mary, type 1 from North Dakota, asks: Lots has been written about insulin and heat, but what about insulin and cold? How cold can insulin get and still be "OK?" I know we store it in the fridge, but can it freeze? Well, of course it can, but is it more like water, or more like anti-freeze? How cold does it need to get before it freezes solid? If it did get frozen, can you thaw it back out and still use it? [email protected] D'Mine answers: For the sake of science, I put the last dredges of a vial of NovoLog into my kitchen freezer last night. Now, there wasn't that much left, maybe only 20 units or so, but this morning I was rewarded with Novo-ice in my Novolog vial. How cold is my freezer? I have no idea. It's a garden-variety Kenmore. It will make ice cubes and turn HÃ Continue reading >>

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  1. emptyvoices

    I went on vacation for 2 weeks and left my Levemir and Humalog on the counter. It was in the basement which is usually a little cooler but still probably 60F or so.
    Is it still safe/good to use? Or do I have to replace it?

  2. apollymii

    Insulin at room temperature is safe to use for up to 28 days. It's actually suggested by my doctor to use it at room temperature as it makes it sting less.
    Obviously if it looks milky or cloudy grab a new bottle.

  3. emptyvoices

    It still looks clear. Thanks!

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