How Much Is The Insulin?

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Soaring Insulin Prices Have Diabetics Feeling The Pain

Insulin price spike leads to lawsuitInsulin is fast becoming a medication that only the well-insured or well-heeled diabetic can afford. With the price of insulin more than tripling in a decade, some diabetics are having to make tough choices about how to pay for the medication. In some cases, diabetics are cutting back or even going without the drug. Many of the 26 million Americans with diabetes must use insulin daily to treat the disease, or else risk illnesses such as kidney failure and disabilities such as blindness. While American diabetics may have faced monthly costs of $100 to $200 several years ago, some are now grappling with costs of $400 to $500 per month. Insulin prices for American patients are far higher than in other countries, a recent survey of patients from the advocacy group T1International discovered. American diabetics said they pay $13.47 per milliliter for Eli Lilly’s (LLY) Humalog insulin, the highest price among the countries surveyed and about four times more than what Canadian diabetics pay. “People are suffering a lot,” said Allison Bailey, a college student in Iowa with Type 1 diabetes. “There are no generics. We have to go through these big c Continue reading >>

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  1. raya11

    Insulin cost??

    I am curious what other insulin users are ending up paying for insulin.
    With my insurance I'm currently paying $15.00 for 1500 units of Lantus or Humalog in Pen injectors at the local Walgreens. A box of pens (5 x 300units each) lasts me just about a month. That works out to a penny a unit.
    If I use the mail in pharmacy it would be $30 for 3 months or 2/3 of a cent/unit.
    Of course you need to add in about $30/100 pen needles on top of the med cost.
    I think the going price for a box of 5 pens without insurance is somewhere in the $230-$250 range. For those without insurance or with a huge deductible it would end up being a huge cost over time.

  2. User2013

    On Medicare last year I paid $42 for Lantus and Humalog 5 pen boxes. I went in the donut hole in December and paid $140 for a 5 pen box and was told that was with my discount. I think you are about right on the regular retail price without insurance.

  3. ArtV

    Levemir Pens & Novolog Pens three months supply (and I'm Insulin Resistant) is about a $100 co-pay. They bill the Insurance around 3 grand. Needles are free. I get most testing supplies free (by that I mean no co-pay). Metformin, no co-pay for 3 month supply, 180 1000mg tabs.
    If you don't have insurance, Walmart has the Relion line of Novolin insulins for very reasonable prices. They switch back and forth between Novo Nordisk and Lilly every few years. It is an older generation of Insulin, but at $25 a vial it bears a look. In most states you can buy it over the counter without Rx.

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