How Many Insulin Pumps Are Sold Each Year

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Insulin Pumps

Not Just for Type 1 An estimated 350,000 people in the United States use insulin pumps today, and about 30,000 of those are believed to have Type 2 diabetes. Surprised? Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease that causes many people who have it to eventually need to use insulin to control their blood glucose levels. Although many people still think insulin pumps are only for treatment of Type 1 diabetes, they can also be useful for some people with Type 2 diabetes. According to Charles H. Raine III, MD, a diabetologist in Orangeburg, South Carolina, who himself has Type 2 diabetes and uses an insulin pump, the criteria for a good pump candidate are the same, no matter what type of diabetes a person has. In general, a good pump candidate has uncontrolled blood glucose, but also has a desire to try for better control of his diabetes, is willing to measure and document food intake and blood glucose levels, and is physically, emotionally, and cognitively able to manage a pump (or has a caregiver who is). Another important characteristic is a willingness to keep appointments with members of his diabetes care team. Insulin pumps are cell-phone-size devices used to deliver preprogrammed Continue reading >>

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  1. alwaystryin

    HELP - Lantus Solostar Pen

    Read the instructions, but it is still unclear. When using the Pen with regular syringes, do you still need to dial the dosage, or just insert syringe and draw?
    These are emergency Samples we got today from DR.

  2. Frustrated mom

    My son has to dial up his dose plus 2 units that he has to waste… I really do not undertand wasting 2 units, but that is the way he was taught? And that is the way he has always done it…Hope this helps…

  3. Mike Shaw

    The reason for wasting the two units is to make sure the air is out and that you are actually getting the units you inject. This was how it was explained to me.

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