How Many Insulin Pumps Are Sold Each Year

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An Overview Of Insulin Pumps And Glucose Sensors For The Generalist

Go to: 1. Introduction Diabetes is rapidly becoming a major health epidemic in most regions of the world [1]. All patients with type 1 diabetes and a significant number with type 2 diabetes require the use of insulin for controlling blood glucose. In the last 20 years, technological innovation and bioengineering has transformed the diabetes therapeutic landscape. There are several varieties of insulin and many different injection regimens that can be used. However, in spite of the availability of insulin vials and pens, the acceptability for patients and the glucose readings that are obtained with the use of single or multiple-dose injection regimens is not to the desired level. Insulin delivery with pumps, also known as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII), was introduced almost a half century ago. It utilizes short- or rapid-acting insulin types only, thus minimizing variability of administration and reducing the chances of glucose fluctuations. Pump technology has progressed to the level of precisely mimicking physiological demands. Programmable insulin administration in basal and bolus fashion is integrated and augmented with glucose biosensors to provide real-time, Continue reading >>

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  1. luvmy2angels

    You will hardly ever hold Lantus at night due to it being long acting. You also don't ever want to mix Lantus with any other insulin. You can usually mix the short and intermediate insulins together, just remeber "clear before cloudy". There should be specific orders for each patients as when to hold the insulin as everyone is different. If i would do an accucheck and it was below 60 i would call the Dr for an order to hold the insulin. But then again that was the policy of the LTC facility that i worked in, you may not have to do that. Good Luck, it seems scary at first but you'll get the hang of it!!

  2. Virgo_RN

    We don't mix 70/30 or Lantus.

  3. blondy2061h, MSN

    70/30 can be mixed with regular. Lantus can't be mixed with anything.
    I really recommend you brush up on your understanding of insulin actions and uses and such. You probably shouldn't be holding a scheduled dose for a bg under 100, but it depends on the type of insulin.

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