How Many Insulin Pumps Are Sold Each Year

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Us$ 445.8 Million Worth Of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems To Be Sold By End Of 2015: Future Market Insights

Valley Cottage, NY, Sept. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global sales of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems will reach US$ 445.8 million by the end of 2015, up from US$ 402 million in 2014. Increase in prevalence of diabetes and innovation in development of artificial pancreas are driving the demand for CGM systems globally. Demand for continuous glucose monitoring systems is currently higher in household vis-à-vis hospitals. Sales of CGM systems to households are expected to reach US$ 306 million by the end of 2015, up from US$ 275 million in 2014; in contrast, sales to hospitals and diagnostic centres is expected to be worth US$ 139 million. Key components involved in the manufacture of continuous glucose monitoring systems include sensors, insulin pumps, and transmitters and monitors. Browse Full "Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2020" Market Research Report at Transmitters and Monitors Largest Segment by Component Type Transmitters and monitors is the largest segment in terms of value, followed by sensors and insulin pumps. Transmitters and monitors component segment is expected to reach US$ 183 mil Continue reading >>

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  1. TCM

    Pre-Diabetes could be cured, that is True!

    In America, there are 2.5millions people are pre-diabetes.
    Could Pre-Dabetes be cured? Yes, my mother was pre-diabetes. She has remedied with some nature herbal only three months.
    Why are we meet here? We spend some time, but we have right to get some TRUE and valuable information.

  2. Spike99

    I too believe that in some cases, folks with Pre-D and even small amount of early stage T2 folks can be cured. "Cured" is too strong of word. Put their current "D" into remission for life is a more accurate description. Yes, "some" Pre-D and early stage T2 folks can bring their their own "sluggish" pancreas / sluggish "digestive system" back to normal levels - in the long run. With use of Better Diet, More exercise, "cleaner" lifestyle, dropping extra body weight (if needed), etc. etc. one can make their body better. I know one lady who was Pre-D and ate 30-50 carbs per day for 30 consecutive years. After 30 years, her body's pancreas started working as a non-D body - as others with same physical age. With better lifestyle changes, she "slowed down" the progression of her body's Pre-D rate. For her, doing something "different" on her body worked. For some, changing their lifestyle has NO effect. Their body was meant to get T2 (re: its in their genes thing) and even doing dramatic changes won't change their body's long term fait. They will get T2 - no matter what changes to their body. Regardless of these possible out comes, doing positive things to a body (like better food, more exercise, less stress, more sleep, etc. etc.) is always a great thing - in the long run...

  3. Stump86

    I like the way spike says it!

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