How Long Does It Take To Die Without Insulin?

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Eat Fat If You Don't Have A Way To Get Insulin? - Diabetes

Eat fat if you don't have a way to get insulin? So eating only fat doesn't impact blood sugars much. I travel a lot so i always wonder what should i do if all my safety solutions fail and i am about to be left without insulin for 2-3 days: Can we eat only fat for a day or two as an emergency solution? I know that the blood sugar will be high even if we dont eat at all. What im wondering is if we can use the energy source in fat without insulin? If you are T1 you can't and will be in serious trouble after half a day without insulin. whats weird is that i dont need to bolus for fat. For example i can eat an entire bar of butter (99.9% fat) without needing to bolus at all. It's not the food that is the problem. We just die without insulin, no matter the circumstances. We die after a while. In fact, if we were to not take insulin at all we would die of starvation first, before the complications would kill us. The thing is, if I am stuck without insulin for a few days i want to have the strength to make it back to somewhere where i can get insulin asap, so starving would not help me. Insulin is used for more than just lowering your blood sugar. You might(?) live after 3 days but would Continue reading >>

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  1. soccerboy

    Well you guys all say a few hours and I am at 3 months without it. I am 17 years old too and I have been eating low carb food only, only drinking water and exercising a lot. My last doctor visit was a week ago and my hba1c was 6.1 which is very good! I don't suggest trying what I am doing right away though. I slowly decreased my dosage from 30x2 a day to 0 over the course of a month. You must exercise a lot and eat low carbs otherwise you will get into dangerous levels. My highest without insulin was 360, but only for 1 hr then I went for a 20 mile bike ride an it was down to 90. I bike everywhere instead of driving because it is good exercise and it helps keep my blood sugar down. My average blod sugar level is probably around 130 and it has gotten as low as 58 without insulin. There are also times that I can see I am producing at least some insulin because It will go down a little without exercise. I have the ketone test strips and I have never had anything major.

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Faq Diabetic Coma

My brother went into a diabetic coma. Whats the chances of him recovering? His blood sugar was so high the doctor could not get an accurate reading. This is something that you should be consulting a doctor about. I can't see where someone on here would qualify to answer this question (unless they are a doctor). I am sorry about your brother. My prayers go out to you.( + info ) how long can a diabetic go with no food or water before in a coma, how long with out insulin before in a coma? grandma eats what ever she wants, and also sleeps thrue her med times, what should I do short of threaten to kick out, the nurse keeps sayin if she dont start doin right they will take her from me. This sounds like a difficult situation. Obviously people have right and your gram is choosing to go down this path. Explain to her the implications of her eating behaviors and make them clear. If you do the grocery shopping, maybe you can agree to only buy appropriate things. On her meds try setting alarms for each time of the day she nbeeds to take them if you cannot be there to remind her. Sounds like she needs some tough love. What do they mean tak eher from you?? And put her where??? They cannot take Continue reading >>

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  1. Andrew Kennedy

    Hi All,
    Im new to this - recently diagnosed with T1 on Tuesday
    This may seem like a stupid question - but in the event that Insulin injections ran out (yes I know I sound like an armageddon skeptic) would we be able to survive without the injection purely based on a diet of vegetables and meat?

  2. Mini-Vicki

    Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, how did it come about?
    In answer to your question, no we wouldn't be able to survive without the insulin. Vegetables all have some degree of carbohydrate in, and protein converts to glucose eventually, but at a much slower rate. Also, our liver pushes out glucose when we need it too, so we need insulin to cover all of these things.
    In the morning, I can wake at a good number, and when I'm up and moving about my BG will rise without me eating anything at all!
    What insulin regime have you been started on? I think the likelihood of running out of insulin is extremely small, so don't worry!

  3. SB2015

    An Vicki has said, without insulin we would not survive. So we have to inject every day to deal with the glucose that our liver releases and that which comes from any carbohydrates we eat. Your body in the early stages may have some beta cells that have not given up the ghost yet, but you will need injections every day from now on. It will take time to work out how much you will need and your Diabetes Specialist Nurse will help you with this , and help you adjust the doses to start with. Once things settle down you will gradually make your own adjustments to doses based on what you have eaten.

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How Long Without Insulin

Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Join the community So if someone had type 1 with no beta cell function, I'm guessing this dka thing would come into play and kill you pretty quickly???? How long do you think ,like if you couldn't take insulin for some reason. I'm type one and in the past I've for silly reasons not taken any insulin for over a few weeks. This did cause hyperglycaemia and you get very weak and feel like logs are your legs. Interestingly tho no ketones atall. So does this mean that maybe your not a type 1 I ask because everyone on here does say a lot about this dka an even when someone's only missed a dose of insulin like over like four hours. Maybe the lada is more suited to myself fo you think? Should I get a gad test redone and a c-peptide too? Hi can't really answer this what good reason did you have for not taken your insulin for a number of weeks as a type one or two your risking your health by not taking medication if i accidentally miss a dose my sugar levels go right up and my meter flashes saying i have ketones so i suspect if i didn't take any i would be in hospital or worse hope this help Continue reading >>

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  1. constexpr

    Do all Type 1s have to take insulin? If so, how long could someone survive without insulin?

    Are some t1 diabetic able to just take metformin and other tablets like t2 people, instead of insulin? I don't understand this point.

  2. jwags

    Eventually all Type 1's will have to be on insulin. Sometimes in the beginning their pancreases still produce a little insulin, so they may take oral meds. But as your beta cells burn out you will need insulin to live.

  3. Nan OH

    As an addition to Jeanne's post, many type 2 people use insulin too.

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