How Long Does It Take To Die Without Insulin?

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Diabetes Life Expectancy

Tweet After diabetes diagnosis, many type 1 and type 2 diabetics worry about their life expectancy. Death is never a pleasant subject but it's human nature to want to know 'how long can I expect to live'. There is no hard and fast answer to the question of ‘how long can I expect to live’ as a number of factors influence one’s life expectancy. How soon diabetes was diagnosed, the progress of diabetic complications and whether one has other existing conditions will all contribute to one’s life expectancy - regardless of whether the person in question has type 1 or type 2 diabetes. How long can people with diabetes expect to live? Diabetes UK estimates in its report, Diabetes in the UK 2010: Key Statistics on Diabetes[5], that the life expectancy of someone with type 2 diabetes is likely to be reduced, as a result of the condition, by up to 10 years. People with type 1 diabetes have traditionally lived shorter lives, with life expectancy having been quoted as being reduced by over 20 years. However, improvement in diabetes care in recent decades indicates that people with type 1 diabetes are now living significantly longer. Results of a 30 year study by the University of Pitts Continue reading >>

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  1. TKInstinct

    Just curious, I got screwed by MassHealth since I apparently make too much, even though I make minimum wage at a gas station. I got this weird letter saying I wasn't eligible for one thing but eligible for another. I'm not sure what it means, and I'm not sure what it means for me in the future.
    Can they survive on their own, without taking Insulin and what are the repercussions?

  2. TrippingBackwards


  3. imnotcoherent

    Call your legislator, their office can help iron out the masshealth issue, or call the health care for all helpline. I'm on my phone but the helpline number can be found on hcfama.org. If you need more help pm me and I'll give you some numbers tomorrow.

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