How Long Can Humalog Stay Out Of Fridge

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Beware Summer Extremes With Insulin

Living with diabetes blog With summer arriving in Minnesota and many other places, I'd like to talk about how to manage insulin storage in extreme temperatures such as this season brings. A number of years ago, I met with a client who used a rapid insulin pen for meal dosing. She shared with me a story of how she attended the county fair on an exceptionally hot day, and had placed her insulin pen in the back pocket of tight jeans and walked around the fairgrounds all day. She used the pen for covering meals eaten at the fair, and her blood sugars were running higher than normal, but she related this to all the junk food. The next day her blood sugars continued to run high and when she took her (rapid) insulin, it didn't seem to affect her blood sugar level at all; in fact, it was like she was taking water instead of insulin. She wondered if the heat had affected her insulin, so she switched to a new insulin (disposable) pen, and soon after her blood sugars started to drop. Has this or something similar happened to you? I looked at insulin manufacturers' websites and found that for the majority of all types and brands of insulin, the maximum temperatures recommended are as follows: Continue reading >>

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  1. CrazyC'sMom

    Does anyone know how long Humalog and Lantus can be unrefridgerated before they are opened or do they have to stay refridgerated the whole time? Thanks.

  2. Jake'sMama

    I'm new to this but we were told
    our team told us NOT to refrigerate the in use insulin - it stings less when injecting. Just dispose of it after 28 days.
    The new vials should go in the fridge.

  3. BozziesMom

    They are supposed to stay cold before you open them. I keep them cold after opening as well.

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