How Long Between Humalog And Lantus

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What's The Most Insulin To Take?

I am taking Humalog and Lantus insulins: 40 units of Lantus and 85 to 90 units of Humalog each day. My morning blood sugar is in the 180 to 200 range. I have had several bad bouts of hypoglycemia and am scared that they could occur while I sleep. Is there a maximum amount of insulin I should take? Should I take an additional dose of Humalog at bedtime? Would different brands of insulin be more effective? Continue reading >>

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  1. Suzan

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this as my question pertains to both a long acting insulin (Lantus) and a short acting (Humalog). I had been on Lantus for awhile when the doc put me also on Humalog. She said not to take them both at the same time, then she said it was actually okay to take them at the same time, but just to be sure to inject in completely different locations. Well......this evening my BG was a bit high so took 2 units Humalog, and then realized that I had taken Lantus in that same spot 5 to 10 minutes earlier. So far 15 minutes has passed without any reaction so ...... Does anyone know why these two shouldn't be taken together? I have never heard anything about taking humalog and Byetta together (other than the possibililty of some excitement if a delay in eating).

    Suzan from California: metformin, Lantus, humalog, Byetta

  2. Geri

    Lantus should be taken once per day when under a certain number of units, usually at bedtime. I never had to take Lantus at the same time as my Novolog(fast acting) since you are suppose to take the fast acting just before eating meals. Did you take the Humalog just before bed? Or are you meaning you injected both insulins in the same spot? Or both?
    The old blog had discussions about taking the two together and the timing. Maybe you can find those discussions or maybe it would be best to ask your new dr, now that you like this one. Do what he says for awhile and see how it works out.

    Geri in Co:Byetta(3-06),Glucophage XR, Glucotrol XL

  3. Suzan

    Hi Suzan - when I was taking both humalog and lantus, I never injected them together, as Geri says, I took humalog with my meals, and lantus was at night before going to bed. But now that I remember, when I started on byetta, I often took my humalog two hours after eating so occasionally I would take my humalog along with my lantus if I had eaten a late dinner. Then I would inject in two totally different sites. I suppose it has to do with mixing the two meds, as nothing is supposed to be mixed with lantus, but I actually don't know. Since starting on metformin in October, I have been able to stop taking humalog (I was injecting at my non-byetta meal for a while, but in December was able to stop that too). I still take 15 units of lantus at night.

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