How Insulin Signals A Cell To Take In Glucose

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Ucsf Scientists Show How Insulin-producing Cells May Fail In Diabetes, And How They Might Someday Be Restored

These Cells May Sometimes Revert to a Non-Functional State, but Other Pancreatic Cells May Someday Step In to Replace Them Two new studies led by UC San Francisco scientists shed new light on the nature of beta cells, the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas that are compromised in diabetes. The first suggests that some cases of diabetes may be caused when beta cells are deprived of oxygen, prompting them to revert to a less mature state that renders them incapable of producing insulin. The second study demonstrates that acinar cells, pancreatic cells that do not normally produce insulin, can be converted to functional beta cells, a potential new avenue for treating the disease. In the first study, led by Sapna Puri, PhD, a scientist in the laboratory of Matthias Hebrok, PhD, director of the UCSF Diabetes Center, a gene known as VHL was selectively deleted from beta cells in mice. Insulin production in these beta cells was sharply reduced, and over time the mice developed the physiological equivalent of type 2 diabetes. Puri and Hebrok were joined in the study by Haruhiko Akiyama, MD, PhD, of Kyoto University, who provided a critical mouse model for the work. Type 2 diabetes, wh Continue reading >>

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  1. milford

    Curious about Walmart insulin

    I just found out this morning, Walmart carries a Relion brand of insulin. Type-R, Type-N, and 70-30 in the vial.
    No prescription needed and $24.88 a vial.
    Since there were talks of the Relion brand of meter and test strips being acceptable, I was wondering where this insulin stands. Does anyone use it? My doctor never mentioned it. I would have used this a year ago when I had no insurance and it was costing me $275 for a bottle of Humalog 75/25.

  2. jwags

    They are older insulins that have a little different half life. So they don't work exactly like modern insulins but are a great option. I think you can only get vials, no pens.

  3. furball64801

    Hi Milford I was on it for years and then newer insulin came on. Its the only insulin my mom used the last about 20 yrs. Its action is not exact but will lower numbers many here have used this insulins in the past.

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