How Do You Shower With An Insulin Pump

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Getting My Vibe On With Animas, After Years Of Anticipation

For two weeks during the holidays, I test-drove the new Animas Vibe combo device (Animas insulin pump plus Dexcom continuous glucose monitor) approved by FDA just over a month ago. We appreciate this opportunity for a trial-run of this exciting new device before it officially hits the market in the coming weeks. This is only the second combined insulin pump-CGM product ever made available in the U.S. (after Medtronic’s system), and the first to include the popular Dexcom G4, and it’s been a loooong time coming; Dexcom and Animas first announced their joint-development agreement back in January 2008, and this integrated system was launched overseas in mid-2011. There’s been a lot of buildup here in the States, before and after Animas filed with regulators in April 2013, so I had high hopes going into this two-week trial. {Disclosure: JnJ supplied me with the full system and supplies to last circa 16 days. As always, this was under the agreement that they would have no influence over what we say or write.} In the words of my awesome Animas educator during my training in late December: You can think of this system in terms of a dwelling — the two components used to be separate Continue reading >>

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  1. sglamay

    I am on the medtronic revel mini med as of yesterday. I just had a quick question about showering. I know I can't shower with the insulin pump, but how on earth is my infusion set not going to come loose or get soapy when I shower?!?! Any tips/suggestions would be great!

  2. GrnEyes84

    My infusion sets actually stick pretty well even with showering. I have never had a problem with them coming loose or anything like that. Especially if your changing them every 3 days. You shouldn't have a problem with them coming off or getting loose even if they get a little soapy
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  3. mom24grlz

    Ashleigh also has no issues with her sites coming off during or after showers.

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