Homeopathy For Gestational Diabetes

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Prevent The Development Of Gestational Diabetes With Homeopathy

Home >> View all post >> Prevent The Development Of Gestational Diabetes With Homeopathy Prevent The Development Of Gestational Diabetes With Homeopathy Pregnant women at times go through a unique medical condition during the 2nd trimester. It is gestational diabetes which is acquired during the time of pregnancy in women. It is a temporary state of health that occurs in only 4% pregnancies. Most of the times women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the later stages of pregnancy. Taking tests and homeopathy medicine for diabetes between the 24th and 28th week is good for their and babies health. Gestational Diabetes do not come of its own; it brings certain risk factors: Record of gestational diabetes in a prior pregnancy It is important for the mother to know how it affects the baby The high sugar levels in the blood can cause the fetus to be larger than regular size, which increases the chances of complications at the time of delivery. There are chances that the baby gets affected by low blood sugar levels just after the birth. There is a risk of jaundice or a higher possibility of death before or following the birth. It increases babies risks of excessive weight; preter Continue reading >>

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  1. abagailadams

    My 13 year old dog is dying. I have never had a dog other than him and will never have another.
    We are going for the second opinion tomorrow but I think his time is up... he is 13 and has lived a wonderful life. I WILL not have him euthanasized in some stinky vet office, he is scared of going there anyway.
    I am having him cremated and when I die one day, our ashes will be combined and sprinkled together. May sound crazy but its been the plan for many years... the time is upon me. I want him to die here at home, on his bed with me and his Dad rubbing and loving him as he goes to sleep.
    I want to overdose him on Morphine. I think he will just go to sleep, right? I'm feeding him via syringe to the mouth now, crusishig his meds and adding them in with his food... just add the morphine.. Doesn't this sound like a good idea? My question is, HOW MUCH?
    He is a boxer, blind in one eye, deaf in both, hip dyspepsia, etc.. he weighs between 50-70lbs. He is currently taking 100mg of tramadol per day. My Mom has about 90mg of ER MS Contin and I have whatever I might need to add to that to make it "enough", I take 30's. Since its ER, I should be able to break the extended deal by crushing in a crusher, right? Do you think he will just go to sleep?
    I dont want him to start vomiting or have a seizure... I just want it to be smooth.. Ideas? I will be doing something tomorrow afternoon or Friday at the latest. PLEASE help.

  2. Fentiful

    True story.
    I know someone who attempted something very similar but used 10 5mg vicoden, hydrocodone with APAP. This was a small bread, with lots of serious health problems, and aproximently the same age. The Tylenol alone should have been enough for a fatal overdose, and the 50mg of hydrocodone in that small of an opiate naive dog should have been a enough of a respiratory depressant to comfortably ensure a permanent sleep.
    The dog instead however had a seizure, loss of control of bowels and bladder, yet recovered from the seizure. The dog seemed dazed and confused, repeatedly walk in circles, and while did not appear comfortable, did not seem at ease either. The dog was also severely dehydrated. Certainly the dog did not lay down and comfortably go to sleep. This was a horrible and traumatic emotional experience as well. The dog never seemed completely the same as before, and later, as in several weeks or possibly months ended up dying.
    I have to say based on my experience of witnessing this, I would not recommend using the planned method. I strongly encourage you to contact your vet and discussing your wishes. There are a lot of vets who deal with horses and livestock and may be willing to make a home visit to humanely and respectfully ensure his last moments are at home with loved one.
    I'm sorry you are having to go through such a difficult decision and have a tough call on your hands. However, this forum is for harm reduction, drug education and experience as pertains to humans, and as such your issue is truly beyond the scope of anyone here. Please contact your veterinarian. Best of luck, M

  3. Sade

    Im really sorry for what you are going through. I have a boxer girl and I cant imagin being withoutwith her. She is my little girl. You can have the vet come out and euthanese him at home. My mom did that with her cat. She lay the cat on her bed with her and held him as he passed.

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