Glucometer Brands Covered By Medicare

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Medicare Coverage Of Glucose Monitors

| Licensed since 2007 Print What are glucose monitors used for? If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, a glucose monitor can help you manage your disease and prevent complications, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). A glucose monitor measures your blood sugar (glucose) levels so you can make informed decisions about eating, exercising, and taking prescription medications, such as insulin. According to the NIH, one way to monitor your glucose levels is by using a finger-stick device to collect a drop of blood, which you put into a glucose monitor on a set schedule each day. An alternative site glucose monitor allows blood samples from areas such as your palm or thigh, according to the Mayo Clinic. As well as a glucose monitor, you may also need other testing supplies, such as lancets, glucose test strips, and a glucose control solution. Medicare coverage of glucose monitors Under Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), Part A covers health-care expenses you incur as an inpatient in a hospital, while Part B covers your outpatient care, including some glucose monitoring supplies and durable medical equipment. Medicare does not generally cover “continuous glucose Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Scarfgal

    Does Medicare cover WALMART's Relion test strips?

    My brother, a Type 1 for over 50 years, recently went on Medicare. He has always preferred WALMART's Relion meter and test strips, due to low cost.
    But when he went to pick up his most recent Rx for test strips, he was informed by the Walmart pharmacist that Medicare does not cover the Relion brand! Get this: Medicare covers more expensive brands, but not Relion! My brother was aghast, and asked the pharmacist to check the policy; she said she would do so, but repeated calls from my brother have yielded no results.
    Has anyone else found that Medicare does not reimburse for Walmart's Relion strips?
    Thanks so much for any feedback on this; my brother is quite frustrated by it, understandably.

  2. furball64801

    Ah this is a good one, my mom was always on Walmarts Relion insulin. Since Relions strips are so cheap who knows medicare reasoning on this like maybe preferred pay out.

  3. bsc

    This is less about Medicare than it is about the different Medicare part D plans (prescription drug plans). My understanding is that they each can have different formularies and may place different drugs on or off the formulary and at different tier levels. And unfortunately some coverage may be such that even if it is covered you will pay more in co-pay than to just buy it over the counter.

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