Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Ppt 2017

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Tailoring Treatment To Reduce Disparities:

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) publishes the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes annually, based on the latest medical research. The following narrative provides a summary of the 2017 updated recommendations that have been developed for clinical practice. The ADA guidelines are not intended to aid or preclude clinical judgment. The full guidelines can be accessed at ADA’s Diabetes Pro website. Tailoring Treatment to Reduce Disparities: Updated guidelines focus on improving outcomes and reducing disparities in populations with diabetes such as: Ethnic/Cultural/Sex/Socioeconomic Differences and Disparities: Provide structured interventions that are tailored to ethnic populations and integrate culture, language, religion, and literacy skills. Food Insecurity: Evaluate hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia in the context of food insecurity (FI), which is defined as the unreliable availability of nutritious food. Recognize that homelessness and poor literacy and numeracy often occur with FI. Propose solutions and resources accordingly. Comprehensive Medical Evaluation and Assessment of Comorbidities: The clinical evaluation should include conversation about lifestyle modifications Continue reading >>

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  1. Paulmidi

    I have been keeping track of how many units I have used per day. I have noticed the 200 units have been used so I would assume the pen would be empty but there seems to still be a lot more insulin in the pan it's definitely a 200 unit injection pen
    why does it still have insulin in it? Am I Missing Something?
    thanks for any help

  2. mollythed

    If you are using the U-200 version of Tresiba Flextouch Pen,
    Check out the quantity on the side of the pen. It will say 200 units per milliliter or 200 units/mL.
    The other part you need to pay attention to is that it will also say 3 mL Prefilled Insulin syringe.
    Each of those three milliliters has 200 units of insulin. That means that altogether, the pen holds 3 x 200 units for a total of 600 units of insulin.
    If you have used about 200 units, you will still have about 400 units, or about 2/3 of the insulin remaining.
    When I went to the Novo Nordisk site for Tresiba, I was surprise to see that it apparently comes in two strengths, U-100 and U-200. The U-100 strength is about the same strength as Lantus. The U-200 version is double strength, so the pen contains twice the insulin and lasts twice as long as the U-100. You can check that out for yourself at https://www.tresiba.com/tresiba-flextouch/meet-tresiba-flextouch.html.

  3. Paulmidi

    600 Units that's good news. I'm glad you told me this because I might have opened a new pen.

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