Forget To Take Insulin Before Bed

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Asknadia: Accidentally Injected 50 Units Of Novolog Insulin Instead Of Lantus

Dear Nadia: I was going to watch a little TV before going to sleep I was wanting to wait up on my husband to get home from work. I grabbed my Lantus and took it in to the bedroom so I wouldn’t forget to take it before falling asleep. After getting all comfy in bed I thought I should just go ahead and take my Lantus. I take 50 units of Lantus at bed time and 8 units of Novalog with meals. My Blood sugar before going to bed was 136 so I get my Lantus pen dial up 50 units and inject it…… as soon as I withdrew the pin I knew something was wrong, I had just opened that Lantus pin the night before there shouldn’t be much used out of it but the pen was almost all empty. OMG what have I done? That’s my Novalog pen I told myself. I had just injected myself with 50 units of fast acting insulin. I’ve never did anything like that before I was freaking out. I knew this wasn’t good I knew I had to do something and do it quick. I ran to the computer and typed in “I took to much Novalog what do I do?” The first thing I read was call 911. I called my husband he didn’t answer I sent a text ” I need to get to the ER NOW” . I started getting dressed. While I was dressing my hus Continue reading >>

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  1. Sarah_M1

    So yesterday i forgot to take my Lantus shot which i take at night. Of course i woke up with a high BG (255), and i stayed high most of the day (although i took a couple extra units of novorapid). 40 minutes before lunch i finally came back to normal, i was 118. My BG before lunch was 77 =]
    i was wondering if anyone has ever forgotten to take his/her lantus shot before?
    what did u do to get your BGs back to normal?

    The lousy and careless diabetic, Sarah

  2. Janice4

    Hey..hey..hey...don't be so hard on yourself. I used to hate that night time insulin (Levemir)...I'd fall asleep w/o taking it on more than one night. Most of the time I'd wake up and take it...not always though. You did the correct thing...proably the only thing that you could do. The important thing is that you got your numbers back in line reasonably soon.

  3. Brigitte

    that's why I take my Lantus when I wake up , at 7 in the morning. Sarah, was it too late to inject less of Levemir when you woke up?

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