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New Ultra-rapid-acting Insulin Formulation

BIOD-531 is a new ultra-rapid-acting insulin formulation that has been shown to work better than current therapies at treating diabetes in a mid-stage trial…. BIOD-531 is an ultra-rapid-acting formulation of recombinant human insulin (RHI) at a concentration of 400 units/ml (U-400) combined with EDTA, citrate and magnesium sulfate. In the Phase 1 Study 3-150, the results of which were released in February 2014, BIOD-531 administered to non-diabetic, obese volunteers demonstrated ultra-rapid absorption and onset of action in comparison with Humalog Mix 75/25 and Humulin R U-500, and had an extended duration of action that is expected to be suitable for basal insulin needs. The recently completed Study 3-152 was designed to test the hypothesis that a single dose of BIOD-531 would confer better postprandial glucose control for two consecutive meals compared to Humalog Mix 75/25 when administered to type 2 diabetes patients with moderate insulin resistance. In Study 3-152, glucose profiles were assessed after single subcutaneous injection of 0.6 U/kg doses of the study drugs administered with a standardized breakfast on separate days in a randomized four arm cross-over sequence in wh Continue reading >>

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  1. Autumn

    Two days ago I purchased 2 vials of insulin. I usually buy 2 at a time.
    Insulin I purchased had expiration of 2/10.
    I read on line about the expiration dates on insulin. I read the strength will become less after time, even if it has not open. Is this correct? Usually vials are a year or more from expiration when I get them. One replaced today does not expire till 2012. They would not replace one that had the box open, even though seal was not broken. Is this insulin still as effective as it should be? Should I just consider a loss and go right to the 2012 vial?

  2. k9diabetes

    I know people who have used insulin past the expiration date, primarily because the insulin they were using had been discontinued and they couldn't buy any more of it. Since their dogs didn't do well on any of the other insulins available, they stockpiled it and extended its use past the expiration for quite a while.
    It's not like the insulin will magically cease to work when it hits that date. They just say that it will be good at least that long.
    Rather than going straight to the 2012 bottle, I would use the one that's nearing its expiration date first as you are currently still using it within it's expiration date.
    And then if you see that it's a problem, you could switch to the 2012 bottle. Chances are good the bottle you have that's about to expire will work just fine.

  3. eileen

    I completely agree with you Natalie. Regulations say that there must be an expiry date on the insulin so that it can be guarateed until this date. There is no way it will, as you put it, " magically cease to work..."
    I would imagine if the unopened vial had been stored properly in the fridge it will still be good long after the printed date.

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