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New Ultra-rapid-acting Insulin Formulation

BIOD-531 is a new ultra-rapid-acting insulin formulation that has been shown to work better than current therapies at treating diabetes in a mid-stage trial…. BIOD-531 is an ultra-rapid-acting formulation of recombinant human insulin (RHI) at a concentration of 400 units/ml (U-400) combined with EDTA, citrate and magnesium sulfate. In the Phase 1 Study 3-150, the results of which were released in February 2014, BIOD-531 administered to non-diabetic, obese volunteers demonstrated ultra-rapid absorption and onset of action in comparison with Humalog Mix 75/25 and Humulin R U-500, and had an extended duration of action that is expected to be suitable for basal insulin needs. The recently completed Study 3-152 was designed to test the hypothesis that a single dose of BIOD-531 would confer better postprandial glucose control for two consecutive meals compared to Humalog Mix 75/25 when administered to type 2 diabetes patients with moderate insulin resistance. In Study 3-152, glucose profiles were assessed after single subcutaneous injection of 0.6 U/kg doses of the study drugs administered with a standardized breakfast on separate days in a randomized four arm cross-over sequence in wh Continue reading >>

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  1. puyallupmom

    For starters, I am looking for insulin for my son, who is 19 and has had T1 for 11 years. He is currently taking lantus and humalog (lispro)...
    My husband just lost his job, despite assurances that we would maintain all our benefits for 6 months before starting COBRA... we were locked out of our online Medco account this am.
    Our son is "a week or so" away from being out of humalog. Medco is our pharmacy, so the insurance won't cover the Rx if we try to fill it somewhere else.
    A call to the benefits administrator at my husband's ex-employer said the paperwork is just delayed, 'about a week'... what that means for the insulin getting to my house - time line - I have no idea. It's always been a mess getting my sons Rx's filled and now its a freak show! Good grief!
    So anyway, we are just wanting to buy some insulin from Canada. its only $40/vial (10ml) But I have consistentley heard bad things about buying Rx's online. Does anyone have any experience with buying meds from Canada???

  2. notme

    Buying insulin from a "Canadian" pharmacy is risky. Most of these pharmacies you see online are actually not in Canada, but are drugs being purchased from China and are risky drugs.
    Call your doctor and ask for sample pens. If he has none to give you, you can call the pharmaceutical company and they have low cost programs for the unemployed. Free clinics can also help your son if he is not employed. Because of his age, you can check your state Medicaid offices for help.
    Worst case scenario, you can purchase some NPH insulin for your son to use until your Cobra kicks in or your son or husband find a job with benefits. He will have to tolerate some higher than usual numbers, but it is a consideration in a pinch. M
    Good luck to your family. I truly hope things turn around for you soon.

  3. jwags

    We do use an online pharmacy in British Columbia, called Northwest Pharmacy. We have only bought oral meds though and save about 60%. They do sell insulin but you would have to call them to see how quickly they could deliver it. The oral meds usually take about 10 days to get here from the time we reorder. We have been very happy with them.

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