Fastest Acting Insulin

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New Treatment That Improves Control Of Diabetes At Mealtimes Now Available In Uk

A new, fast-acting mealtime insulin for adults living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes has been launched in the UK. Fast-acting insulin aspart (Fiasp) is a formulation that more closely matches the natural physiological insulin response of a person without diabetes, after meals, compared with the rapid-acting insulin, insulin aspart (NovoRapid). Fast-acting insulin aspart will be made available to the NHS at no additional cost versus conventional insulin aspart and may help patients tighten the control of their blood sugar levels after meals. Professor David Russell-Jones, Consultant Physician at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, and Professor of Diabetes and Endocrinology at the University of Surrey, said: “Managing blood sugar levels around mealtimes can be challenging for those living with diabetes. Mealtime insulins are usually taken by patients before eating to effectively reduce the meal-associated rise in blood sugar. Poor control of blood sugar levels over the long-term can lead to serious and costly long-term complications such as amputation and blindness. So the availability of this fast-acting insulin aspart—that more closely matches a healthy body’s physiological re Continue reading >>

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  1. Kierkegaard

    Got an order of insulin needles in, and somehow I didn't mean to do this but it should work out great: they're 25 g 1ml 5/8 inch and I'm using them for subq injections.
    HowEVer, I'm not familiar with the "units" instead of mg. There are 100 units to the syringe, so does this mean 100 mg?

  2. Cronos

    Hmmm that's a good question. I'll try and dig something up. I know for my HCG injections 15 units on the insulin syringe is 150 IU of HCG... Which comes out to .15 ml I think. So if your testosterone is dosed 100 mg/ml and it's a 1 ml syringe then every 10 units would be 10mg of testosterone??? I probably just got my math all wrong I'm at work trying to do this real fast...

  3. PeakT

    Quote from: Kierkegaard on April 08, 2015, 09:43:31 pm
    Got an order of insulin needles in, and somehow I didn't mean to do this but it should work out great: they're 25 g 1ml 5/8 inch and I'm using them for subq injections.
    HowEVer, I'm not familiar with the "units" instead of mg. There are 100 units to the syringe, so does this mean 100 mg?

    First of all, is your cypionate 200 mg/ml? Usually it is.
    Let's make that assumption. So let's say you want to inject 40 mg. At 200 mg/ml, that is .2 ml, right? So you need to go to the .2 ml mark on the syringe, which will be a fifth of the syringe right.
    Now, if your cypioante is 100 mg/ml, then that is a different story.

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Fda Delays Us Approval Of Novo Nordisk’s Faster-acting Insulin Aspart, Issuing A Crl

Danish diabetes care giant Novo Nordisk revealed on Friday that it has received a Complete Response Letter… To continue reading this article and to access exclusive features, interviews, round-ups and commentary from the sharpest minds in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space you need to be logged into the site and have an active subscription or trial subscription. Please login or subscribe in order to continue reading. Claim a week's trial subscription by signing up for free today and receive our daily pharma and biotech news bulletin free of charge, forever. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. rvncro

    Do needles/syringes expire?

    Just wondering if any of you know if sterile needles and syringes in the individual packages ever expire on their sterility? I have a lot of them here from when I was on T previously and they must be 5 years old or so but I can't find any expire date on the packages or on the boxes they came in. So I wonder if it's safe to use them. I did buy some new ones just in case but I wonder when you buy new ones, if there's no expire date, who knows how long those have been sitting in a warehouse somewhere? Maybe I'm just wasting money when I have some here.

  2. indecisions

    I looked on mine, and it's a little odd. The draw needles have an expiration date (although it's indicated with a little hourglass and the date), but the needles I have attached to syringes for injecting don't have that. Same brand (BD). I was taught all sterile supplies should have an expiration date, though(nursing school). The packaging does degrade over time and could allow microbial growth. Maybe call whoever manufactures your stuff?

  3. taylor-in-progress

    That was my same thought. The needles themselves should theoretically be fine but the sterility can't really be guaranteed after a certain amount of time because of the packaging, storage conditions, etc.
    OP, Is there a lot number on the packaging? That might help you get more information.

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Full story: http://bit.ly/1zrXJ4F Cone snails spray an incapacitating chemical cocktail to knock out fish. And understanding the structure of a fast-working insulin molecule in that cocktail may help inform drug development for diabetes

Snails Provide Fast-acting Therapeutic Insulin

University of Utah, United States, researchers have found that the structure of an insulin molecule produced by predatory cone snails may be an improvement over current fast-acting therapeutic insulin. The finding suggests that the cone snail insulin, produced by the snails to stun their prey, could begin working in as few as five minutes, compared with 15 minutes for the fastest-acting insulin currently available. Biologist Helena Safavi, co-author on a paper describing the cone snail insulin published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, said that studying complex venom cocktails can open doors to new drug discoveries. “You look at what venoms animals make to affect the physiology of their prey, and you use that as a starting point,” she says. “You can get new ideas from venoms. To have something that has already been evolved — that’s a huge advantage.” Along with colleagues from Australia, U biochemists Danny Chou and Maria Disotuar, and biologists Joanna Gajewiak and Baldomero Olivera contributed to the study. Also, organophosphates (OP), the most frequently used insecticides worldwide, could induce high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and glucose intolerance when Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. KP

    I am a little confused about the switch in Relion Humulin N insulin from Walmart. Currently my dog is on Novolin N from Norvo Nordisk which I get at Walgreens for $50. My vet didn't want me to change to Relion Humulin N because we would totally have to re-regulate my dog. I am wondering if and when Walmart switches their brand of Relion insulin to Relion Novolin N if it will be the same insulin I am currently getting that is produced by Norvo Nordisk. If it is I will be a happy camper if they keep the price the same the Humulin N was. Does anyone know this?

  2. not2foxie

    You say "If and when". Is there an indication they are going to switch? I don't know what the difference would be. All we've ever used is the Humulin N, I believe it's $24 at Walmart.

  3. KP

    Just found out they have switched. I called my Walmart in MI and their ReliOn brand is now ReliOn Novolin N. It is $24.88. It has replaced the ReliOn Humulin N insulin which they will no longer carry.
    They are essentially the same NPH insulin with a little difference in an ingredient in one of them. My vet told me if you switch from Novolin N to Humulin N you need to lower the dose of the Humulin. So if you currently use Humulin you may have to increase your units with the Novolin.

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