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Three Of The Best Ways To Improve Insulin Sensitivity

What is insulin and why is it so important? Insulin is a hormone responsible for controlling your blood sugar levels. When your cells become desensitized to insulin, your cells are unable to take up glucose for use as energy and glucose remains in your bloodstream. These elevated blood glucose levels can wreaking havoc on the body's tissues and lead to a diabetes diagnosis. Improving the ability of your body’s cells to react to insulin is key for remaining healthy and chronic disease free. Improving insulin sensitivity and lowering blood glucose levels go hand-in-hand. Here are three of the most important ways to keep blood sugar in check: 1. Size does matter Excessive fat tissue, especially abdominal fat, is a primary risk factor for the development of diabetes. Although the exact mechanism(s) responsible for the association between obesity and insulin resistance is still a topic of debate, it is widely accepted that stored fat releases cytokines, which are responsible for local and systemic inflammation in the body and impaired insulin sensitivity. Studies have found that even a modest weight loss of 5-10% of body weight can improve insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control Continue reading >>

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  1. biglove

    Northern Muscle - Canadian Bodybuilding Forum

    Hey guys, i would like to know if the sell humalog or novolog over the counter here in Canada, i know last time i bought insulin the only had humulin R, as there fastest insulin.
    thanks biglove

  2. Zuespas

    Hey BL! Don't bother with pharmacies, sometimes you will be given a hard time.
    Try theses guys http://www.diabetesexpress.ca/ they ship fast and there are no questions asked. I just got a few vials of Humalog in the mail from them

  3. Jaybull

    Nice ;)

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