Exercise And Insulin Sensitivity: A Review

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60 Minutes Of Exercise Can Improve Insulin Resistance 25%

In an article earlier I looked at metabolic flexibility. In particular the article focused on the metabolic inflexibility caused insulin resistance. I made some basic recommendations on how to improve one’s metabolic flexibility, but I thought I’d go into greater depth looking at insulin resistance itself. It’s important to give your body the ability to react favorably to the things you eat, but the presence of insulin resistance may be the most substantial way to curtail your results in the gym and to negatively impact your health. It’s common sense and common knowledge these days to have good dietary habits and to avoid excessive sugar intake to prevent metabolic diseases like diabetes. Most people are already aware that reducing body fat can help the symptoms of diabetes as well. Yet despite this, diseases like diabetes are on the rise. Metabolic diseases can make your life and maintaining good health a challenge. But how does exercise influence your insulin resistance? A recent study in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity looked at how insulin sensitivity is mediated by exercise. To do this, they had an uphill climb to eliminate the c Continue reading >>

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    I have been thinging about trying the pump myself because I take two shot aday!

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    i take 4-5 shots a day it sucks :/ but i guess im used to it

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