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Behind The Scenes With Insulin For Life - T1international

22 Dec 2013, 4:19 p.m. in Australia , Global Stories by Elizabeth Rowley Back in August I interviewed Tali and Ron Rabb from Insulin for Life (IFL) Australia and Global. I was so excited to be able to meet the people behind the wonderful organization when I visited Melbourne in December for the Young Leaders training and World Diabetes Congress. Insulin for Life collects in-date, unopened insulin and test strips and sends the otherwise wasted supplies to people in places around the world that cannot access or afford them. IFL even sent some insulin home with some of the Young Leaders who come from places where accessing insulin is a problem. Excitingly, I didnt just get to meet Insulin for Life, but Tali and Juvy (another IFL partner) were kind enough to facilitate a visit to Ballarat (a town just outside Melbourne) for myself and another Young Leader, Ashley. Ballarat is the home of Neil Donelan and the main collection and distribution centre for Insulin for Life Australia. Neil isn't diabetic, but many years ago he saw the need for such an organization and was one of the founding fathers of Insulin for Life. Since that time he has spent A LOT of his own time sorting through the Continue reading >>

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  1. wonderings

    shelf life of refrigerated insulin?

    I know I have about 30 days once the insulin is out of the fridge, but I am wondering, how long does insulin last in the fridge?

  2. deanusa

    at least until the expire date.with all things considered.

  3. HarleyGuy

    This is really a good question.
    When properly refrigerated (do not freeze) insulin will keep until expiration date on package.
    If ever frozen, discard the insulin.
    Insulin expiration dates are usually 1-2 years form date of purchase.
    I have a bottle that I got in July,09 and it expires 10/2011. But as always, it's probably safest to say...If in doubt - throw it out. (glad my parents hadn't heard this saying years ago).

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