Does Lantus Need To Be Refrigerated

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Insulin Pens Are Welcome Back To The Fridge!

We all know that unopened insulin must be kept in the refrigerator. But once in use can we put it back in the fridge to protect it from excessive heat? The answer to this simple question is not as easy as one might think. All manufacturers explicitly recommend to ‘Not refrigerate’ insulin pens in use. This guideline that causes confusion among users is now being revoked by one manufacturer. Let’s try to understand the reasoning behind it and what it means for users now. What? I shouldn’t put my insulin pen back in the refrigerator? When it comes to storing medications, it is recommended you follow the leaflet or packaging instructions. For insulin in particular, there are two different situations: storing and in-use. · Before Opening: When insulin is to be stored long-term and has not been opened, keeping it in the fridge ensures it lasts until expiration date. · During Use: Once a vial, a cartridge or a new disposable pen are used for the first time, the insulin can be kept at room temperature. But it needs to be used within weeks. It makes sense: higher temperatures and an open product mean a shorter shelf life. But there is one extra sentence on insulin pens packages, Continue reading >>

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  1. User34456

    Lantus Need refrigeration?

    I was told my Novelin does not need to be refrigerated but how about Lantus? Is it mandatory or just recommended? I am starting to travel and it would make a big difference if I could just throw them along with my kit in my purse and just go....

  2. fgummett

    Should say on the package insert but I understand that most insulins are stable at room temperature for at least 28 days (some longer). IIRC Lantus occasionally stings and the advice usually given is to ensure it is not refrigerated as this can make the stinging worse. I use Levemir and keep the spares in the fridge door but the current use penfill out

  3. User34456

    When I buy the Lantus it always comes directly out of the pharmacy fridge so I have always kept it in mine but you are right, it does sting. Is that the reason? I also keep my Novelin in the fridge just because it's convenient as that's where the Lantus is. Since I live in Florida it is 90 degrees in my house so I am afraid to leave them out.

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