Does Lantus Cause Weight Gain

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Counseling Patients On How To Avoid Weight Gain From Insulin

A lot of people with type 2 diabetes delay going on insulin for as long as possible because they’ve heard horror stories about how much weight it can make them gain (or maybe they just don’t like shots), but people with type 1 don’t have a choice. While it is true that insulin treatment is often associated with weight gain and more frequent bouts of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), the real question is, why? Some theories to explain insulin-induced weight gain are that when using insulin, your blood sugar is (usually) better controlled and you stop losing some of your calories (as glucose in your urine when your blood sugars exceed your urinary threshold) and that you may gain weight from having to eat extra to treat any low blood sugars caused by insulin. If you’re taking oral medications to lower your blood sugar and they are not working, however, insulin may be your main option for better control. A few research studies have looked at whether weight gain is simply a result of eating more when you’re on insulin. One such study found that weight gain was not due to an increase in food intake, but rather that your body may increase its efficiency in using glucose and other Continue reading >>

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  1. WendyL10

    So, I'm late onset type 1, was initially put on a lot of insulin, basal and bolus, went off, as I was/am very insulin sensitive, was given way too much insulin at Dx, and am still producing some. i've gone a good couple months in a honeymoon phase, basically but not eating much on my own. I'm now going back to sugars in 200's, especially in the moring, without any food and had ketones, basically from too little carbs, weight loss.
    SO, I have to start back on insulin. Small doses, basal at first. I started the Lantus last night. But...I came on here and started reading about Lantus and LOWS. This is my fear because I'm so insulin sensitive and still producing some (though not much). My endo told me over and over again, as well as my CDE, "Lantus does not cause LOWS.". And, INSULIN does not cause weight gain. Yet, I've just read a number of threads saying just the opposite.
    Does INSULIN cause weight gain, just as fact, not matter what? Also, does Lantus cause LOWS? I'm concerned now and don't want to be taking this insulin. I don't have a choice (none of us do). But I'm now again scared. I also do not want to gain weight.
    Also, I injected last night, in my stomach, using the pen, and the dial didn't turn back to 0, my friend was with me, she said it didn't work right, I didn't push the button hard enough and I did it again, and the dial did turn back to 0. Was that right?
    Also, I feel very, very nauseous today, very sick to my stomach. My numbers are fine, I only took 2 units (well maybe 4 units if the pen wasn't working) and still had numbers in the 200's this AM, they're fine now - low 100's 90's. I don't know if it's just stress from all this or the Lantus that is making me feel sick to my stomach, to the point that I literally could vomit.
    Please advise,
    Lantus - does it cause lows, should I look into Levimer, as I'm so insulin sensitive?
    Insulin - Does it cause weight gain, no matter what?
    Insulin - Lantus - can it make one feel sick to their stomach, nauseous?

  2. Scratch

    Any insulin can cause lows if there is too much for how much the liver supplies us with basal glucose and/or amount of food eaten. Typically, the idea is that since Lantus is to be dosed so as to roughly match the basal metabolism, it shouldn't cause lows. But if one were to inject far too much, then Lantus can cause lows. But so can Levemir. So can Novolog. So can Apidra, NPH, R, etc, etc. Your fast acting insulins are generally thought of as causing lows more frequently because they do, because of the peaking nature of how the insulin is absorbed, it's far easier to create a situation of too much insulin for what's in the system.
    Insulin doesn't cause weight gain, no matter what. Although we don't know all the specifics of how people gain weight and exactly how diet might affect it, I think it's a pretty fair conclusion that generally the more calories consumed, the more chance there is for someone to put on weight. And if you're consuming more calories, especially carbohydrate, then you will be injecting more insulin and insulin will be part of how the body converts glucose into stored fat.
    I suspect that Lantus isn't causing nausea in you. You're simply greatly stressed.
    If you don't have the book Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner, I highly recommend you get it. It's a very good book and will help you immensely at figuring out how to take care of yourself as a type 1 diabetic.

  3. WendyL10

    Thanks, I have the book. I just don't understand why everyone says insulin makes them gain weight, I mean...read the threads on here. Apparently, people even develop an eating disorder around this issue, they go off their insulin, let their sugars run high as an attempt to lose weight. Thus, isn't the insulin causing them to gain weight if they go off of it and lose weight but claim they can't lose any while on insulin? I'm confused.
    The Diabetes Center I go to mostly consists of Type 1's, that's why I choose the center and I see very fit, athletic, thin diabetics who clearly are on insulin and have been for years, many Dx as children. Also, look at Mary Tyler Moore, Bret Michaels, Halle Berry (although I think she's a type 2 - she was still on insulin for years), none of them are fat and they're on insulin. So, why does everyone say insulin makes them fat or gain weight...Sorry, I'm confused. No one wants to start or be on a medication, one they can't go off of, that makes him/her gain weight.

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