Does Humalog Need To Be Refrigerated

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Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/odysseycamper The unit in this video can be found here https://amzn.to/2LWAO9u NOTE: this unit has an automatic shutoff to protect your battery from running down. I did not use it in my test because I wanted to see the runtime without the limit imposed. If you missed Part 1, go back and watch it first. Part 2 This solution involves a cooler with a built-in compressor refrigerator from Alpicool, who makes 12V units for in-vehicle use. I chose the C15 as a good compromise between size, efficiency, and cost. It's an awesome solution for cooling your insulin, or just having a cold beer when you are boondocking. Watch the video and then come back here, because I have lots of info below. I will state up front that I do not like to use "dorm" style refrigerators in a minivan. The footprint is usually large enough that you can't find a level spot to place one, without some additional mods. They are also high in profile, which means you can't tuck one under a bed. You can make them work and that's fine if you want to, but I think the cooler style refrigerators are a better idea. These dorm fridges do not seem to be very well insulated, the ones und

Insulin And Refrigeration.

Hi, I read through the newest 5 pages and found nothing related to this so I decided to post about it (sorry if it has been discussed before) I use Humalog (vial, 10ml) and always keep it cold and safe inside my refrigerator . I know it can be left at room temperature for one month without being spoiled, but I prefer to keep it refrigerated due to a belief I have (and here comes the question) that the effect of the insulin dwindles away (a little bit) when kept at room temperature. So I would like to ask people who use non-refrigerated vials or pens with cartridges who have noticed difference on its effect when the container is new from when it's almost empty (for example, needing 4 units for a pack of Doritos when it's new, but 5 or 6 units for the same pack when the vial or cartridge is almost empty). PS: I know what the manufacturers say, but I want to know what happens in reality EDIT: One more thing. My 10ml vial always lasts 1.5 or 2 months, and that's another reason why I keep it refrigerated, because I've heard about people who throw away their insulin container (vial or cartridge) after 1 month (expiration date) no matter it still has insulin in it. I use it until I drain Continue reading >>

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  1. GoRachel1989

    I bought two brand new vials of Humulin R on Friday afternoon, and forgot to put it in the refrigerator right away... so they ended up lying in a paper bag on my bed (away from direct sunlight, though) until Saturday morning, a few hours before dawn. When I realized what I had done, I refrigerated them immediately. Would my insulin have gone bad in that space of time? Has anyone here experienced leaving an unopened vial unrefrigerated for any period of time? What happened to it?
    I seriously hope those two vials don't go to waste because of all this... this disease is frustrating enough.

  2. noblehead

    Unrefrigerated insulin needs to be used up within 4 weeks.

  3. GoRachel1989

    noblehead said: ↑
    Unrefrigerated insulin needs to be used up within 4 weeks. Regardless of whether it was opened or not? The vials are unopened - the boxes haven't even been opened yet.
    What about the length of time that it was unrefrigerated? Would that not matter?
    I will not be using one of those unopened vials until the next month... and the other one won't be used until the following month.

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How to use KWIKPEN video. Kwikpen is used for injecting following insulins: Humalog; Humalog Mix 25 (25% short acting insulin analogue HUMALOG and 75% long acing HUMULIN I) and Humaolg Mix 50 (50% short acting insulin analogue HUMALOG and 50% long acing HUMULIN I). This is a disposable ( single use) pen. Both HUMALOG and HUMULIN I are for used in pregnancy and gestational diabetes.

Does Humalog Need To Be Refrigerated - Medhelp

Common Questions and Answers about Does humalog need to be refrigerated The amount of insulin you take does not depend on the types of diabetes but depends on the amount of carbohydrates you intake. on a side note, the vial of insulin that you currently using does not have to be refrigerated . They are good at room temperature for 30 days. you only need to refrigerate the vials that you don't use. However, if you think you are better off with a humalog pen, then you should ask your health care provider for me because it is your health... When it comes to life or death matters, all absolutely MUST be able to carry the same load, and must be able to survive if supplies are not able to be delivered. If a person cannot survive under those conditions, they cannot be accepted into military service. It is only fair to the other military people to only accept those that can fully serve without any preference. Like you, I am fully healthy. But you must be realistic and accept the fact that we absolutely must have that insulin. Hi, i see it's been a while since you posted your question on Victoza and weight loss. The first 7 days of taking this medicine and watching my calorie and nutrient Continue reading >>

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  1. Essie

    Does anyone use the Frio wallets? Do you recommend them.
    I started using insulin in November and have yet to encounter hot weather, but it is coming very soon. Where I live high 90's and triple digits are common. I am mostly homebound but we are planning some long day trips coming up. I am looking at two things. One, keeping my current opened Humalog and Lantus vials cool and it seems like the Frio will do this. Secondly because I worry that something could bappen while we are several hours away from home that would delay our return, I would like to carry an un-opened vial of each in case. If not opened but kept at room temperature will it now have the "good for 28 days" clock start ticking? Is there a better way to carry those?
    I would love to hear what others do to keep their insulin cool on the go.
    ​Thank you!

  2. mollythed

    I wouldn't worry about keeping a single pen of each type in a Frio pack for a day. The only significant factor I would be concerned about is that because the pack cools by evaporation, it is important to keep it in a place where air can circulate freely, not tucked away snugly in a purse or backpack, and not in directed sunlight all the time.
    I am a little less confident about how to carry a second pen. Usually, if you are traveling by car or plane, and carrying insulin you want to use for several days away from home, you can use a lunchbox, with ice or a reusuable icepack to keep the box cool, but wrapping the insulin pen or vial in something like a washcloth or towel to protect it from getting TOO cold and freezing. You can replace the ice as needed while you are traveling, with ice from flight attendants, a hotel, or even when eating at a restaurant.
    It gets a little more "iffy" keeping insulin in a Frio type pack. One thing to consider is how long it takes you to use each pen. If you are quite insulin resistant and normally use up an entire pen in, say, three days, and you really do use your spare pen next, so that it is reasonably cool for two to six days, you are probably fine with the Frio. If you normally use only ten units a day, so that the spare pen might go unrefrigerated for nearly a month, I would suggest using the lunch box method instead for your spare pens.
    The problem with insulin when it doesn't stay cool is that it gradually loses its effectiveness. It can still be used, but you may need a little more of it to get the effect you need. If I brought a pen home from a trip unused, I would want to be VERY careful to make sure I did begin using it regularly as soon as I needed a new pen. and watch for any loss of strenght as the days went by. I wouldn't just keep it separate to be used once again as a spare.
    When I bring new insulin home from the pharmacy, the expiration date is usually about two years in the future. Under the right conditions, it does last a long time. There are no guidlines, no clear-cut rules once we start to take liberties with those rules, and nobody wants to make any promises for those inbetween conditions. What we do know, is the longer it stays warm, and the warmer it gets, the sooner it will start to lose its strength. That's where we need to use a little common sense.

  3. Essie

    Thank you Molly. I don't know if it makes a difference but I don't have pens. I have the old fashioned syringes/vials of jnsulin.

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Can Humalog Handle The Heat?

See also: Kinetic vs Dynamics and User's Reports Humalog is a terrific insulin that improves postmeal readings, reduces the frequency of lows, and generally makes people feel better. But reports from people on both pumps and injections have surfaced indicating that Humalog has trouble handling the heat. These reports began to appear just after Humalog was released. Most insulins are relatively stable in hot weather, and lose potency only with unusually high temperatures (i.e., a non-refrigerated delivery truck with a flat tire in Phoenix in August). However, Humalog has gained a reputation for wanting to stay in your refrigerator, raising concerns about how your insulin is handled in transit to your pharmacy or home. Users report random, unexpected high blood sugars that correct when a new bottle of Humalog is started. Inspection of the bad bottle reveals either 1) several very tiny particles, much smaller than those typically found in a bad bottle of Regular, 2) one or two large hazy particles, or 3) small particles attached to the insides of the bottle. Healthy Humalog will appear as pure as clear water, with no particles or haze. Insulin pumps may be especially prone to unexpec Continue reading >>

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  1. semanticistZombie

    Hi all,
    I'll have a flight that'll take some time between 17-24 hours(haven't bought the ticket yet so can't say exact time, this is the range of all possible flights) and I'm using Humalog + Lantus pens. I know there are fridges in planes but there will be a lot of time spent in airports so they probably get hot anyways. I was wondering if anyone here did that before and how did it go. I have a special bug for this purpose but it sucks, I once drove for 12 hours and after 6-7 hours insulins were at room temperature in that bag.
    Any comments would be really appreciated. This flight is making me extremely stressful because of this problem with insulins.
    EDIT: Amazing!! Thanks for all the responses. I'm really relaxed now because apparently it's not really a huge deal!

  2. RealNotFake

    Insulin doesn't go bad if it isn't refrigerated. It goes bad when it's subjected to heat (such as leaving it in the car on a sunny day) or the extreme cold. You won't have any problems taking it on the flight as long as you keep it out of the sun/heat. This info came straight from my doctor and pharmacist. I don't even bother putting my insulin in fridges when I travel anymore if one isn't provided, I just make sure to leave it in the hotel room in a cool place with no sun.

  3. smallteam

    This matches my personal experience, and what I've read in this forum over the last year or two. Room temperature is okay; extremes in temperature aren't. And about hotels, having had insulin frozen and ruined by too-cold hotel mini-refrigerators, I generally avoid them.

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