Do Novolog Pens Need To Be Refrigerated?

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NovoLog® Storage Home or Away, NovoLog® Goes With You NovoLog® lasts up to 28 days without refrigeration after first use, so it can be taken almost anywhere. Once in use, NovoLog® FlexPen® must be kept at room temperature below 86°F for up to 28 days. Its ability to stand up to heat is equal to, or better than, other major fast-acting insulin brands. Here is a quick guide to NovoLog® storage: Storage for NovoLog® FlexPen® 3 mL PenFill® cartridge,a and 10mL vial: Temperature Use up to In useb,c (opened) Room temperature: up to 86°F 28 days Not in use (unopened) Room temperature: up to 86°F 28 days Not in use (unopened) Refrigerated: 36°F to 46°F Expiration date a3 mL PenFill® cartridge is available for NovoPen Echo®. bFlexPen® and PenFill® cartridges in use (opened) must NOT be stored in the refrigerator. cIn use vials (opened) may be stored in the refrigerator. Do's: Don'ts: Do store unused NovoLog® in a refrigerator between 36° to 46°F (2° and 8°C) Don’t store NovoLog® in the freezer or directly adjacent to the refrigerator cooling element Don’t freeze NovoLog® or use NovoLog® if it has been frozen Don’t draw NovoLog® into a syringe and store for l Continue reading >>

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  1. CrazyC'sMom

    Does anyone know how long Humalog and Lantus can be unrefridgerated before they are opened or do they have to stay refridgerated the whole time? Thanks.

  2. Jake'sMama

    I'm new to this but we were told
    our team told us NOT to refrigerate the in use insulin - it stings less when injecting. Just dispose of it after 28 days.
    The new vials should go in the fridge.

  3. BozziesMom

    They are supposed to stay cold before you open them. I keep them cold after opening as well.

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