Do Lantus Pens Need To Be Refrigerated?

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Flying With Insulin

I recently received an e-mail asking about insulin storage conditions while flying from the United Kingdom to the United States. Paraphrased, it read: _"I use pens for diabetes control, containing Humalog and Lantus, which I store in a kitchen refrigerator. In a few weeks, I will travel to Texas. I will leave home at 3:00 am, drive to Heathrow and finally reach the motel in Texas at approximately 10:00 pm (UK Local time) (travel time of 19 hours). There is a refrigerator in the hotel room. I will need to take 4 pens of Humalog and 3 pens of Lantus insulin. Unfortunately the airline will not allow the boxed pens to be stored in the on-board refrigerator. What do you recommend I do? I can identify the following four options: Carry them in my hand luggage taking no extra precautions, and leaving them at room temperature in the hotel? Carry them in my hand luggage and put them in the hotel room refrigerator on arrival? Pack them in my checked luggage. I am sure the hold temperature is much colder than cabin temperature? Pack them in a small cooler surrounded by cubes of ice, which may cause a problem with airport security? I am at a loss what to do."_ My reply was as follows: _"I fly w Continue reading >>

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  1. thcri

    Novolog Flex Pen and refrigerated

    When I was diagnosed back in March I was sent home with both Novolog and Lantus. I put both boxes of supplies in the drawer at home with my test kit etc etc. I never used the Novolog but when I got my first refill of Lantus I noticed it said to keep refrigerated. I questioned the Pharmacist and yes only the opened pen should be left out of the refrigerator and then is good only for thirty days. So the new prescription of Lantus I put in the refrigerator. Today I dug deep into my drawer and found my Novolog. It has been in my drawer at room temperature since March. I can't find anyplace on it that says to keep refrigerated. Does anyone here know if the stuff is good yet? I am sure it is too late to refrigerate but should I just toss it?

  2. Bountyman

    Should you toss it? Since you don't seem to be using it...IMO the question is moot.
    As too storage; this from Novolog's website:
    NovoLog® should be stored in the refrigerator—between 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F)—until first use. Do not freeze. NovoLog® FlexPen®, cartridges and vials that are in use may be kept at room temperature—below 30°C (86°F)—for up to 28 days. Do not store NovoLog® in areas of extreme moisture and where there may be extreme temperatures, such as in a freezer or car.

  3. thcri


    Originally Posted by Bountyman
    Should you toss it? Since you don't seem to be using it...IMO the question is moot. No I am not using it. Kind of wanted to keep some around in case I spike up for some reason. I will dispose of it based on the rest of your post.

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