Do Insulin Shots Hurt Gestational Diabetes

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What Is Gestational Diabetes And Its Link To Pre-diabetes?

Insulin Resistance and obesity-associated Gestational Diabetes are conditions that develop in the third trimester of pregnancy and affect 4-5% of all pregnant women in the U.S. - around 135,000 cases each year. With Gestational Diabetes, the pancreas produces insulin but it doesn't lower the mother's blood sugar levels. The symptoms are only detectable by laboratory testing. Pregnant women get a urine dip stick test with each pre-natal visit. This test may show glucose in the urine, which will prompt a health care provider to carry out further examinations for the presence of Gestational Diabetes, also known as Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). To determine if a woman has this condition, she should be tested between 24 and 28 weeks if she is at average risk i.e. has no history of prior Gestational Diabetes and is of regular weight. Women at higher risk should be tested earlier. A patient is considered high risk if she is obese, has glycosuria (glucose in the urine) or has a personal or family history of Gestational Diabetes. Laboratory diagnosis of the condition includes a fasting blood glucose measurement of greater than 126 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) or a random blood gl Continue reading >>

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  1. rainbows

    Had my glucose test today and the results were NOT what I had hoped for. Im not totally shocked because there is a history of diabetes in my family and my sister got gestational with her 2 pregnancies, but I was really hoping otherwise. The big problem im having is an intense fear of needles. Ive improved to the point where I dont pass out when I get a shot or blood taken, but I do get super anxious and woozy.
    My doctor wants me to test 4 times a day (4 times i have to poke myself, gah), and im seriously stressing out about it. Major panic attack this afternoon, and it took about an hour for me to click the little button for the lancet. What im really hoping for are some coping mechanisms from other ladies who have the fear of needle issues. Also hoping for some rays of light ... If I get my sugar testing fine all the time through diet modification would i maybe be allowed to just test once a day, or as needed? Questions that I forgot to ask my doctor because I was too busy being in a depressed sort of shock.
    The change in diet is going to suck, as I love and live off of carbs, but its the poking thats really got me in a state of panic.

  2. Stargirlb

    Sorry Hopefully when it's under control doc will be fine with less testing. (Though at the end of the day nobody can force you to do anything.)
    if you live off carbs, I bet that the diet change will probably feel AMAZING for you once you get past the withdrawal stage. Body converts carbs to sugar, so they are *extremely* addictive. If your body can kick the addiction then the cravings for carbs won't be so powerful. There are so many yummy foods that aren't high carb.... and complex carbs are usually the better source of carbs. Make sure you eat lots of full healthy fats to complement your proteins and help you feel full after eating, since your body will probably miss the sugar hits for a while and really fight you. Good luck!! I know others here have successfully managed GD and hopefully once you get used of the pricks that part won't be so bad either.

  3. NatureLovers

    I don't have any advice, sorry. I had to poke myself in the belly when I had my Zofran pump, and it wasn't pleasant, but I got through it. GD is no joke and it's something to take very seriously, the repercussions for the two of you could be big. If you aren't compliant with both the testing, diet, and any subsequent meds, your doctor can (justifiably) discharge you as a patient and refuse to provide you with further care, as he/she won't want to be held responsible for a negative outcome in our litigious society.
    I really hope I pass my GD test, because with HG I don't have freedom of choice for what I eat. I eat whatever sounds like I can keep it down. If I was told I had to skip carbs I'd probably lose weight all over again.

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