Do Insulin Pumps Work Automatically

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How Insulin Pumps Work

Tweet An insulin pump is a machine which enables insulin to be delivered either automatically, or in response to instructions given by the pump wearer. It drip feeds insulin into the body through the day and can also deliver larger doses of insulin whenever needed, such as before meals. Insulin pumps can also be programmed to deliver specific doses at set times. Diagram of a tethered insulin pump An example of a typical ‘tethered insulin pump’ (insulin pumps connected to the body via tubing). Buttons: Allows the wearer to make choices about how much insulin to deliver and when. Display screen: Interacts with the buttons to display information and choices available to the wearer. Circuit board: Converts the wearer’s instructions into action – increasing the pump’s motor to deliver a faster rate of insulin. Motor: Turns round causing the plunger to push insulin through the reservoir and into the tubing. Reservoir: Holds insulin (usually enough for a number of days’ insulin use) Tubing: Links the reservoir in the pump to the cannula which goes into the wearer’s body. Cannula: A small tube that goes into and just under the skin, allowing insulin to pass from the tubing, t Continue reading >>

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  1. Lexa Michaelides

    An insulin pump that does such a thing would need to be tapped into capillary blood to measure blood sugar and would need to be extremely reliable. No such device exists, though they are certainly under development.

  2. Craig Corlis

    Users will still need to enter their mealtime carbs and periodically test to ensure accuracy, but this will do most of what previous systems required users to manually perform.

  3. Glenn Herman

    I was part of a research group using insulin pumps in pregnancy. We were using open loop pumps in the early 1980s, and we believed that a closed loop pump was just around the corner.
    MiniMed just came out with a closed loop pump in 2016. Information is available on the net. You and your doctor may both check it out.

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