Do Insulin Pens Come With Needles

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Insulin Pen

Using insulin pens with their cartridges can be very convenient. As an alternative to insulin in vial form and syringes, they can give you confidence, or help if you have visual or dexterity impairments[1]. They are less prone to dosage error, though a pen is not accurate when dosage is 3 units or less. They can be a big help if you are new to diabetes and a bit unsure about things. Pens are the predominant insulin delivery system in most of the world, except the United States, where syringes and insulin vials still dominate. See also injecting insulin. Insulin pens come in 2 basic styles: prefilled which you discard after the insulin is used, or refillable. Refillable pens (Like the Novopen Junior[2]) are much like fountain pens; insulin cartridges are inserted and changed when empty. Disposable pens (like the Levemir FlexPen[3]) are cheaper but also less accurate -- the plunger mechanism on the disposable pens is a bit flimsy, and can give inaccurate doses by half a unit or so. You can use either type with a syringe, with some precautions as below. Before you decide to use a pen or not, you must first determine if the insulin you are using comes in one. Lente, Ultralente, and PZI Continue reading >>

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  1. HealthyinNJ

    Insulin Pen Needle question

    For the insulin pen users, is there a specific needle that you like to use? Or do you use whichever one the insulin pen comes with? I'm curious if one needle is better than the other. Thank you

  2. granniesophie

    I'm like Old Biker-on Lantus and I got a scrip for 8mm needles for it. I change each night, because I don't want it to clog up, and also because I keep finding veins, so I don't want to keep using the same needle! I am bruised all over my stomach from the veins I catch.Not so much fun! I have 4 boxes of needles on each refill, so I don't ever run out!

  3. forsakes alive

    I change my needles every time I take a shot,sure it is costly,being safe ,rater then having an infection is far better then the improper use.I havent ever reused any since having this. I'm not real sure if there is a different gauge of needle for the pen, I use the gauge that was prescribed to me. ask your doc about the different gauges if any at all,the thinner the better,less pain to endure.

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