Can You Mix Levemir?

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Can You Mix Levimir With Humalog In One Syringe ?

Can you Mix Levimir with Humalog in one syringe ? Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please,join our community todayto contribute and support the site. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Can you Mix Levimir with Humalog in one syringe ? According to Gary Scheiner " Think Like a Pancreas " (2004 edition) Detimir ( Levemir ) can be mixed with a fast acting insulin. However most other sources state that you can not mix them. Has anyone tried mixing Levemir and Humalog with success ? You can't mix them in the same syringe. What Scheiner means is you can take them at the same time - you just do two injections in different parts of your body. I'd defer to the manufacturers with this, who state explicitly not to mix. AFAIK mixing won't make the world explode but studies suggest it may change the profile of one or both, an x factor you could do without. " Lantus must be given in it's own syring (it can not be mixed with other insulins, meaning that a lot of injections will be necessary. Detemir may be mixed with fast acting insulin." I'm pretty sure that means that Scheiner is saying mixing in the same syringe. ( Not 2 injections in different par Continue reading >>

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  1. freepurplebird

    Taking lantus and Levemir Together

    Hi, I am taking lantus 50 units at night to cover 24 hour base insulin requirement as ones healthy pancreas do, and in the morning I take 30 units of levemir to top up my base insulin for the day , I also take Insulin Aspart Novo Rapid at lunch and dinner . Am I doing any sin. I am feeling good and energetic too then previously on Humulin shots.

  2. 555Kelly

    With Lantus the insulin levels in the blood are steady and constant at the same level for about 23.5 hours, with Levemir it builds up to a peak in about 6 hours then drops to nothing over the next 10 hours.

  3. IronOre

    To be quite frank with you it makes no sense to be taking both Levemir and Lantus. You should be taking one or the other. They both are pretty much the same and do the same thing.

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