Can Insulin Pumps Be X Rayed?

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Case Dismissed? Tsa Ruined My Diabetic Insulin

The TSA’s mission is to protect America’s transportation systems and to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. So you’d think it would be concerned if, in the process of doing its job, it endangered the lives of one of its own citizens. Then again, maybe not. Virjean Svoboda says her medical insulin was damaged when she checked in for a flight in Phoenix on March 9. I’ll let her explain. Here’s the letter she sent directly to TSA administrator John Pistole. Dear Mr. Pistole: As a diabetic traveler totally dependent on five daily injections of two types of insulin (two injections of a long-term dose and three injections of a fast-acting short-term dose), I wish to register a complaint over the recent TSA mishandling of my diabetic carry-on items. According to your website, I was entitled to a visual inspection of my insulin. Thus, I packed a week’s supply of my diabetic-related items along with RX labels into a clear zippered 2-gallon plastic bag and tucked this bulging bag into a larger hand tote. My six insulin pens were stored in three Medicool insulin pouches. Prior to my security check-in for United flight #534 to Denver, Phoenix Sky Harbor Internationa Continue reading >>

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  1. CalgaryDiabetic

    Is X-raying insulin at the airport ok ?

    This is inspired by BillW post on travel. I was told by my possibly to be pump lady not to let them X-ray insulin in no uncertain terms. apparently the machine in Fort McMurray (oil sand base) cooks it. This had not occured to me and never noticed any reduced potency in my travel insulin. . I asked the Czech border guard not to. He said his X-ray was German and then thought a bit and said Volkswagen. What do you think ?

  2. TorqPenderloin

    I think (but cannot confirm) that it's an unrealistic fear. It seems to be on par with people worried about their watches getting de-magnetized by scanning machines at the airport.
    Considering that there are thousands of insulin-dependent diabetics that fly each day, I'd feel very comfortable in saying that someone probably would have figured this out by now if it were true.

  3. coravh

    I was told not to put my pump through the body scanner, and I usually took it off when going through the old metal detector (asked them to simply transport it through), but I've always sent insulin through xray machines. Since the 70s (and I suspect they were a lot stronger then). I' ve never had a problem. It's the hardware that's at issue, not the fluids. As far as I know.

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