Can Insulin Make You Lose Weight

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Insulin And Fat Storage

We left off last week with the question, “What prevents fat from leaving the fat cell?” If you missed out on it, you may want to read The Futility of Low-Calorie Diets. To quickly recap, we talked about the fact that your body has two main fuels: glucose (sugar) or fat. The preferred source of fuel is fat, but under certain circumstances, we can shift the body to using more sugar rather than fat. At times, such as being chased by a rabid dog, this is a good thing. However, it’s not a good thing if sugar remains the main fuel for most of the day. Relying on sugar means you’re not burning fat. Many people make lifestyle choices and nutrition decisions that have basically locked up their extra stored fat in their fat cells, making it useless for energy. The only way you can lose fat is if you use fat. You’ll be unsuccessful at losing fat if you don’t burn fat, even if you eat fewer calories and burn more through exercise. You can lose weight, but most of the loss will come from lean body mass, or muscle tissue, not fat. Fat Storage and Insulin The most significant factor in fat storage is the level of insulin in the blood. Insulin has many effects on the body. With respect Continue reading >>

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  1. VALERIE1619

    A low carb approach is the ONLY WAY I've been able to lose weight while on insulin.
    My mantra is: Diabetes is a carbohydrate intolerance disease.
    So why would I feed my body foods that require me to use more (fat-storing) insulin?
    If you're contemplating a low carb diet, just try it! Consider what foods you're injecting for when you carb count. If you don't eat the carbs, you don't need the extra insulin!
    If you cut carbs, just be aware that you have the potential to go low until your adjust your insulin to reflect the change, especially if you're using Lantus, or another long-lasting basal insulin.
    Sh*t is hard. Do it anyway.

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    Welcome to the group, that was a great explanation. It is pretty much what my nurse was telling me. It's how I use the insulin that drives the answer to this question.
    " Sometimes God places people in your life who help and encourage you even when they don't know it"

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  3. ALIALI2013

    I had to comment on this (sorry I'm late just found this team), but in a round about way, insulin can make you gain weight, especially if you're giving yourself more than you need, or don't have control of your BS. I've been Type 1 since 1975 and I have found that as long as my BS are in good shape, I am able to maintain my weight, even lose, however, if I end up giving myself more insulin than I need, and am eating more (thus causing the weight gain) the more insulin I take the more my weight goes up. On the other hand, once your blood sugars get out of control you may lose weight, but NEVER in a healthy way....I went from 140 to 98 pounds in a weeks time and I looked horrible (at 5'8 that's near anorexic!).
    Please keep in mind that no matter what you do, strive for the best BS level you possibly can, this is the best way to ensure you are losing weight the right way and still staying healthy. I've known a person who's died from low blood sugar and another who passed from high blood sugar and neither is a way you wish to go. Good luck.
    Co-Leader Spark Wisconsin-The Official Team

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