Can Insulin Be Orally Administered To Diabetic Patient?

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Oral Insulin: The Rationale For This Approach And Current Developments

Go to: Abstract Insulin remains the most effective and durable hypoglycemic agent for the treatment of diabetes. The addition of an effective oral insulin dosage form to the antidiabetes armamentarium may have significant benefits in terms of fostering compliance and adherence among patients, as well as physiologic advantages due to the fact that such a dosage form replicates the natural route of insulin secretion and absorption through the portal vein and targets the liver directly. Several companies have developed technological platforms that protect polypeptides and proteins from enzymatic hydrolysis, enable their transport across the epithelial lining, and promote their absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. A review of the potential physiological rationale and advantages, as well as of current pertinent technologies used specifically with insulin, is herewith provided. Keywords: diabetes, glucose metabolism, insulin, liver, oral antidiabetic medication, portal vein Go to: Introduction The introduction of insulin therapy was hailed as one of the therapeutic miracles of modern times, saving lives and preserving the health of millions of people worldwide. In the years since Continue reading >>

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  1. Naveen Kumaar S.M

    Research is being conducted in the alternate methods of insulin administration. It has been successfully found that insulin can be administered both orally and through nasal cavity. In case of nasal delivery the insulin is directed to be absorbed by the capillaries around the alveoli. If it is taken orally in form of spray it will be absorbed by the oral mucosa. It is successfully proved in animals and human trials will be soon.

  2. Nikhil Prabhu

    At Present No.
    Insulin gets easily destroyed in our gastrointestinal tract if administered orally.
    Research is going on to make gastro resistant insulin pills which can administered insulin orally but its still in clinical trials & might need some more time to get success.

  3. Yusuf Sidi

    Insulin must be injected or given via an insulin pump. It cannot be given orally because it is a protein and is broken down in the stomach before it can be absorbed.

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