Can I Take Metformin Before Going To Bed?

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What Time Of Day Do You Take Metformin?

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please,join our community todayto contribute and support the site. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I am on two 500 mg. Metformin twice a day. I'm unsure of when to take them, as I've read so many different things. Some people take them before eating, some after. The thing that most concerns me is what time of day should I be taking them? My bottle just says two twice day. Is it best to take them with breakfast early in the a.m. (I eat at 7:00 a.m.) and then wait until dinner (which varies for me--I don't eat "dinner" at a set time, but it is usually around 4 p.m. or so). When do YOU take Metforming (if that is the drug you are using). Thanks for any advice you can give. I've been taking Metformin earlier in the day (around 3 p.m.) and I eat snacks before bed (low carb), and also oftentimes take p.m. pain meds. I have found that my morning glucose reading is often too high (137-140). I can't sleep if my stomach is growling, so I have to eat something before I can sleep! It actually becomes a fairly personal thing as to when it suits you best to take your Metformin and depends on a few things. Some peop Continue reading >>

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  1. jasononsweets

    Can a bananna before bed spike my sugar count?

    I had one small bananna before taking my Lantus and going to bed and had a reading of 178 this morning. I try to eat something before bed but is this bad for you. I would think the Lantus and 8 hours later the count would be lower. I know that banannas have some natural sugar but thought it should be out of my system by day break along with the 30 units of Lantus... any thoughts?

  2. Debsbears

    I do not eat banana's either because I am allergic to them but I do know they are a high carb fruit.
    If you have to eat before going to bed (in my opinion) one would eat small carbs not usually fruit and equal amounts of protein.
    I have to eat before bed because I get Dawn Phen. my sugars soar in the AM if I don't eat so I have 3 to 5 whole wheat crackers with 1 oz of Swiss cheese and my morning numbers are in the 80-90 range. I hope this helps. Deb
    I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
    Come follow my life's journey at:

  3. davedsel57

    A small banana has 23 grams of carbohydrates, 1.1 grams of protein and 90 calories. A snack should not exceed 15 grams of carbohydrates according to many sources.
    Many diabetics can not eat fruit without seeing their blood glucose readings rise, especially bananas. You should never have any type of carbohydrate without a lean protein. Try some whole wheat crackers with peanut butter or string cheese with a slice of lean ham as a bed time snack.
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