Beer And Insulin

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Those Weekend Beers Are Making You Insulin Resistant

Click to listen to the audio… Those weekend beers are making you insulin resistant A beer boepie – you’ve managed to acquire one. According to your mother-in-law, it’s because you spend the weekends sitting in your chair, eating too much food and drinking beer with your mates. Her fix, which she eagerly shares every opportunity she gets, is that YOU get out of that chair and fix all the stuff around the house, that needs fixing. Your mother-in-law is wrong Stop celebrating…. She’s right, you do need to “fix” it, if you want to be around for the long haul and avoid a heart attack and/or a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. What she’s got wrong is the “fix” – a simple calorie management approach, won’t work. Your beer belly is not being caused by a calorie problem per se, even if you’re eating too much and exercising too little. The problem is routed in the alcohol – your weekend of beer drinking, is making you insulin resistant the rest of the week. This is the finding of a group of researchers from Mount Sinai Medical Centre. The lab bash The research team threw a big party, which lasted three days, for a group of laboratory rats. Some of the rats attending Continue reading >>

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  1. kmurali70

    alcohol and insulin

    I am type 1 diabetic diagnosed 10 years ago, I take insulin humalog and lantus regularly and my hba1c is 5.5
    I drink 6 cans of beer or 4 glasses of wine regularly and then have supper on all Saturday evenings, something which I am not able to stop.
    I don't take insulin during these days because of the warning that insulin should not be mixed with alcohol.
    I have seen some "bolus" on insulin after drinking alcohol.
    Can I also inject insulin on nights when I drink so much alcohol.
    Will I face any after-reaction.
    Please advise and let me know.

  2. poodlebone

    When you drink alcohol your liver devotes all of its attention to processing the alcohol. If your BG drops low your liver won't be able to spit out any glucose to help you. That could be very bad if your BG drops during the night and you don't wake up.
    It's always recommended that you eat food if you drink alcohol and it looks like you do that. I personally would not skip my insulin but I might take less just to be safe. It's better to run higher than risk a bad hypo.

  3. ovenphone

    i hope its mich ultra. there is a ton of carbs in most beers. no judgments, but that is a dangerous game your playing if you have to stop insulin as a t1. i occasionally drink 2 ultras with dinner out and have never had any issues. just check at 2 hours and 4 hours after. sometimes ill even splurge for a guiness with a very low carb meal. 6 is probably much harder to balance. any way you could split it up to 3 for breakfast and 3 for dinner? best of luck to you.

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