Are Insulin Pumps Expensive

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Who Can Use An Insulin Pump?

We work with pharmacies to make sure you have all the information you need to make knowledgeable choices when it comes to insulin pump therapy. Here's a list of commonly asked questions to help with your decisions. Anyone using multiple daily injections (MDI) of insulin or is being asked to move to MDI. Who can’t use insulin pump? People who don't have diabetes – lucky them! Do I need surgery to use a pump? Is it implanted? No and no. What is an insulin pump? It’s a small, computerized device that delivers fast-acting insulin 24 hours a day through an infusion site that penetrates your skin with a tiny Teflon® or steel tube called a cannula. Are there different types of pumps? There are two types of pumps. A line pump, the size of a small cell phone, is typically worn on a belt and uses a thin tube to deliver insulin to an infusion site. A disposable patch pump, about the size of an egg sliced down the middle, is attached to the skin with an adhesive pad and delivers insulin directly into the body. How many types of pumps are sold in Canada? There are four different pumps made by four manufacturers: ACCU-CHEK® Spirit Combo (line pump) Animas OneTouch® Ping® and Vibe® (li Continue reading >>

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  1. cumucus

    Hello everyone! I’m a young diabetic (22yo, T1 diagnosed oct. 2013), and haven’t had the chance to travel much. I would like to see the world one day, visit in some other countries for months, years, or even end my days abroad.
    One questions that keeps popping in my mind is: will I be able to purchase insulin there?
    In my country (France), public insurance is great. Meaning, I don’t have to pay a penny for my insulin pens, test strips, endo visits, or even hardly-remotely-related-to-diabetes stuff. I don’t even have to advance the expenses: I sometimes visit the pharmacy and get my 5 Lantus pen, 5 NovoRapid pen (Novolog in other countries), needles, test strips etc. “for free”, and when I see the receipt of over 150 € ($200) I freak out.
    I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford my treatment abroad, and am stuck here for this very reason.
    How do you pay for your treatment (anywhere in the world, really)?
    Please keep in mind that my english is far from perfect, and please feel free to ask if you feel I haven’t been clear sometimes.

  2. joysofpi

    in USA, and with insurance, I pay $30 for each prescription refill. So $30 for insulin, $30 for 200 test strips, $30 for 200 pen needles. That wouldn't help you though. Without insurance, my insulin is $350, my test strips are $300, pen needles are $80. lancets are cheap though, so you could at least poke yourself

  3. Achlies

    Also in the US, with health insurance.
    I pay 35% coinsurance on my insulin. So monthly, I pay about $300 for insulin, $50 for strips, $10 for syringes. Plus my $200 insurance premium.

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