Are Insulin Pens Expensive

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The Insulin Pen Query: Which One Is Right For You?

3 0 Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen a tremendous growth in insulin pen usage compared to other insulin delivery devices. It’s no wonder, given that the pens are easier to use than traditional methods, and come with a whole range of benefits for people with diabetes. With that growth has come tremendous competition in the insulin pen market, with many different options and devices available for many different uses. We’re quickly getting to the point where no matter what your specific need may be, someone manufactures a pen to fit it precisely. In fact, usually it’s several someones, giving people with diabetes an unprecedented choice in insulin pen delivery mechanisms. So, which insulin pen should you use? While you should always make the final decision together with your diabetes care physician, it’s always good to start that discussion by looking at your options and doing some preliminary research. That’s the point of today’s blog post – getting you the information you need to have an informed and productive conversation with your doctor. You should not use this article to make up your mind; instead, use it to give you some starting points for a more in-dept Continue reading >>

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  1. Knob Creek

    Vial and syringe vs prefilled pen

    I currently use lantus solostar pens and novolog flex pens and I'm considering changing to vial and syringe if it can save me money.
    I understand there would be an inconvenience factor involved with a switch like this, particularly since I dose twice a day with the lantus and 2-4 times per day with the novolog. It's also true that I don't have to travel so much theses days and will be home much of the time.
    I'm still trying to figure out the cost difference on the drug website (express scripts) but I was wondering if any of you made the switch from prefilled pens to vial/syringe and how that change worked out for you?

  2. Tamagno

    Personally, I pump and my only experiences with syringes were with a diabetic cat and my mother.
    That said, there's not that much difference, really, if you can see the markings on the syringe clearly.
    And, syringes are better if you find yourself giving very small or precise injections involving fractions of a unit that most pens won't allow.
    The old diabetic's friend, Dr. Bernstein, personally prefers syringes even over pumps.
    You'll have different medical supplies and waste, however, and will have to be sure to bend needle tips on disposal.
    I don't know the current cost of syringes. Good idea to be sure its actually a savings. Novolog is expensive. One place to save would be to switch to Humalog for your short acting insulin. I actually prefer it and use it in my pump. All the hospitals I've been in use it.
    Good luck and keep us posted. A lot of us facing mandated downgrades in insurance may be doing the same.

  3. gfaith

    I think it is about a wash between pens and vials of Lantus. The vials have 1000 units and the pens (5) add up to 1500 units. Then syringes are about $ 20.00 per 90 and the needles for the pens are about twice that cost or $ 40.00 ish.
    You might find lower cost but that has been my take. I just got my PA to give me a Rx of both as I will be traveling soon and pens will be easier then.

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